LFR6 – Game 34 – Love for Lupul

I’ll have Joffrey Lupul’s babies, and Ben Scrivens’…also babies.

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  • MaxPower417

    I like Bozak on the Leafs. The forwards situation for me works, juggle the lines from time to time to give them a spark and I’m happy with the results so far!

    As for the defense, no real huge complaints other than keeping the shots against total down and helping out Reimer/Scrivens more!

    I like our goalie tandem and wouldn’t change it at this stage of the season. If anything wait until the summer or next trade deadline and see how things have evolved.

    I would like to see an exciting trade deadline but only if Nonis feels like we need it to make the you-know-what this year.

  • MaxPower417

    Great blog. And I’m glad you are balanced enough to talk about Lupul’s benefits.

    This is part of my problem with all these advanced stats PhD wannabes. They can’t get past Lupul’s pathetic Corsi to see how valuable he is on the team.

  • JeredP97

    I like bozak, I really do. Although i think that to resign him, 3 million a year at the absolute maximum, he may not be racking in the points of an allstar but he is still a good player to have on your team.

    For defense, I think the biggest thing on defense wouldnt be to add another player, but work on not giving up the puck as much, and decreasing the amount of shots against. I think that if the defense can nail that down, they will be pretty darn good.

    As far as the goalies go, after seeing how good the tandem of reimer and scrivens can be, a trade for a veteran goalie would be a waste. First of all, mainly because we already have the option of 2 pretty good goaltenders, but also that if we get a good veteran goalie, the price could be steep, and it would force one of the two we have right now (most likely scrivens i think) to go back to the AHL, which is almost a step backwards for him considering he has already played more than just a few games in the NHL.

    Overall I like our team, and even though we have some improvements to make, I wouldnt be dissapointed if we arent very active at the deadline.

    go leafs go 😀

  • MaxPower417

    So after Steve used the playoff word and “caused” the Leafs losing streak. They have now had 6 straight games with a point since Steve said “the Leafs will make the playoffs” BACKWARDS.

    This is getting creepy Dangle.