Five stages of grief: Grabovski misses practice with a tummyache

There was an interesting moment online Friday morning as the best fourth-line centreman in the league Mikhail Grabovski was reported missing from the Maple Leafs’ practice.

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It turned out that Grabovski just had a stomach issue and has stayed behind in New York City, but those were fun times. Allow The Leafs Nation, using a series of tweets, to demonstrate the five stages of grief, apparently called the Kübler-Ross model. I didn’t take 100-level psychology. My first-year science elective was astronomy, where you learned about instruments powerful enough to record Mikhail Grabovski’s quality of competition rating from earth.

Five stages of grief:


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Evidently, PPP stopped grieving after the “bargaining” stage.

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  • jasken

    The Belorussian is an agile playmaker who is willing to be feisty despite a modest frame. Creative, sometimes to a fault, as he will get caught overhandling the puck and occasionally gets too cute in risky areas.

    Love this player what’s not too. The risky area junk and overhandling. Its part of who he is and his creativity he may never change. He needs to minimize it, or it makes him an easy target.

    He has great puck possession could it be the reason is that no-one else on the line gets a chance to see the puck until.

    1. decides to shoot
    2. Its taken from him
    3. He decides he’s gonna make a pass.

    Ignoring the negative he does on ice will prove costly in long run. Something your stats dont tell you. That’s why you dont build a team on stats but what they actually do on ice.

  • jasken

    I think you owe Carlyle an apology for his usage of Grabbo now given this new information. This is further evidence of why advanced stats do not tell the whole picture – namely they don’t know what is happening in the dressing room. In fact, I’m thinking a lot of his line choices even though they don’t match your advanced stats are done for thoughtful and insightful reasons that are beyond advanced stats.

      • jasken

        Obviously missing one practice means Grabovski’s been dealing with health issues all year and that’s why he’s been getting third/fourth line minutes. Take that advanced stats.

        • jasken

          Probably not but its a thought. If he had been dealing with health issues all year I would be really be upset he played at all. I just added to some insight on why Grabovski was limited ice-time.

          You know Grabo possibly in washroom for practice was so much more important and relevant as to what went on at practice. So much so it has an article and tweets.

  • jasken

    So an on going ailment that Grabovski has had for the last 2yrs. Randy Carlyle has situation assessed see how it effects his play, Gives him limited time on ice that might be suitable for him and evaluate him, now being dealt with.

    Wilson who you support knew about this ailment 2 yrs ago, rather then deal with the issues proceeds to play him rather well. Yeah that’s Wilson for you. Let’s look how well could he have played healthy. I wonder why he wasn’t on top line

    Keep supporting Wilson

    Carlyle for me thank you.