LFR6 – Game 47 – The Cat’s Meow


Phil Kessel plays hockey and he sure is swell at it.

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  • al_there

    To quote Freddy Mercury,” I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now! Well I want it on Saturday night. I want a Leafs win and I want a Leafs/Habs in the playoffs. Although it doesn’t have to be in the first round. After what we’ve been through the last decade(s) it’s not too much to ask, nay demand. I’ll end with the obligatory, Go Leafs!

  • al_there

    If the playoffs started today, not only would Toronto be playing Montreal, but Boston would be playing NYR and Chicago would be playing Detroit.

    Have all original six teams made the playoffs AND played each other in the expansion era? It would be so cool!

  • al_there

    We’ve all heard it about a million times before, “The Leafs got raped in the Phil Kessel trade.” Granted it has taken a few years for me to prove my point that I am about to make, but it makes me wonder if the fans of the NHL that still continue to chant this montra truely believe this to be true, or are just plain ignorant, or have no hockey sense what so ever. Now I understand a lot of this is opinion, and everyone is entitled to theres, but the numbers are really starting to make those opinions looks foolish. Please alow me to elaborate.

    (Care of JONAS SIEGEL of TSN)
    “Scorching in the month of April, Phil Kessel added his team-leading 18th and 19th goals to the resume against the Panthers. The 25-year-old has tallied nine markers in the past nine games and has a sizzling 17 points in 11 games this month. Kessel is tied for sixth in league scoring with 51 points, including 47 in the past 38 games.”

    Ok, now Jonas points out numbers that are esentially from this last month, and more so a shortened 48 game season, those numbers have to be an anomaly, right? Here are some more numbers to show that, they in fact are not.

    Fun Facts with Phil Kessel:

    – Finished 6th in league scoring in the 2011-12 Season.

    – Has had scored 30 goals over 4 consecutive seasons including a career high 37 goals last season, and would have been five had this been a 82 game schedule this season. (Damn Lock out!)

    – Has scored a point per game pace or higher the past two seasons

    – Has not missed a single game in over 3 seasons

    – Has 154 goals, 157 Assists for 311 points in his last 351 Games Played. (SPECIAL SIDE NOTE: Only 4 players have more points over that exact same time span; Crosby, Overchkin, Malkin and Mr. Steven Stamkos)

    – And one of my personal favorites. In 2007 won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy (for perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey) after battling testicular cancer, which he only missed 11 FREAKING GAMES after his surgury! Thats right, cancer, went after his boys, and Kessel won. Brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.

    Now that is a lot of information to absorb, so please allow to recap. Phil Kessel, who was apart of a trade that saw the Leafs get “Raped” by Boston in the deal, has battled cancer, won and come back to out score Both Sedin Twins, Eric Staal, Ryan Getzlaf, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Zach Parise, IIya Kovulchuk, Pavel Datysuk, Henrick Zetterberg, Jason Spezza, Claude Giroux, Joe Thorton and Marian Gaborik, have I left anyone out on that list that should be noted?

    Now you could be saying, “But Brent, he is such a one demensional player though”, Did I mention though, with the inclusion of the points from this season Phil Kessel now has more assists than goals over the past 5 seasons. It really can not be stated enough just how underrated of a passer Phil Kessel is, he can dish them just about as good as anyone else in the league.

    Can I please mention that Kessel has mainly done this while being on a abysmal Leaf team that has not made the playoffs untill this year, and to date with no true #1 Center. Sequin hasn’t even come close to these number while being surrounded by MUCH better players in Boston his entire NHL Career.

    A wise man once said, and yes this can be argued, that who ever recieves the BEST player in a trade, won the trade. Kessel sit 6th in league scoring this year, Tyler Sequin on the otehr hand, sits comfortably in 68th. Now lets not forget about baby faced, 6’4 Defencemen Dougie Hamilton who has been a bit of a bright spot offensively for the Bruins this year, but his defensive game still leaves something to be desired and has a long way to go before becoming that “elite” defencemen that everyone feels so ready to lable him.

    Unfortunately for the most part you have to give to get in a trade (they can’t all be Phaneuf trades!) and in Toronto’s case with Phil Kessel they deffinitely have, but was it worth it? I deffinitely think so, and untill Sequin becomes a 30 goal point per game player and Dougie Hamilton becomes a #1 or #2 Defensive stalwart on the Bruins Blue line for years to come, I am not only ok with the trade, I am great with with it.

    Let me leave you with asking a couple of questions;

    1) What do you think you would have to pay in the NHL today for a consitent 30 Goal, point per game, top 10 NHL Scorer who is only 26 Years old?

    2) Although I am possitive Boston would never admit it, considering they are stuggling mightily on the Power Play and overall scoring goals, dont you think they would not be extatic to have Phil Kessel in their line up going into the playoffs? Think they would give up Sequin and Hamilton to aquire such talent? (Maybe they are happier with a 40 year old Jagr in that position instead, but I doubt it)

    3) Would the Leafs over the past 4 years done any better, Would they have made the playoffs sooner with Sequin and Hamilton in their line up?

    4) And Lastly, with what you now know, would you make this trade again. or would you turn it down and draft Seuquin and Hamilton instead?

    Please, PLEASE do me a favor, if you answered “No” to the last two questions (and please let me know you answers to all questions in a reply e-mail) then go out and purchase a piece of Kessel memorabilia, support and cheer for this tough 26 year son of a bitch who faught cancer and won and does nothing but CONSISTENTLY produce points season after season, and if you ever hear the “Toronto got raped in the Phil Kessel Trade” please try to remember at least SOME of the facts I have shared with you today and put that ignorant bastard in his place.

    Personally all I can say is, Thank you Brian Burke and more importantly, Thank you Kessel!

    What says you?

    Brent Watson
    Contact me on twitter : @watson_brent