LFR6 – Round 1, Game 1 – Beginner’s Suck


SWEAR WORDS! This video is a bit long, but in my 1st ever Leafs playoff video, I think I’ve figured out what the Leafs need to beat Boston.

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  • millzy09

    Good video, Steve. I like that this one had some solid content. I think you’re spot on with everything you said. Frattin in, Gardiner in…can’t get any worse defensively anyway. Hope Carlyle watches this.

  • Derian Hatcher

    Enjoyed the latest video Steve. A lot of comments and ideas I’d have to agree with you there. I certainly like the idea of getting Frattin back in the lineup, just for his speed, toughness and shooting ability. In theory…. I’m not sure I’d use Frattin’s previous AHL playoff success as justification for putting him into the lineup and then seconds later mention Kotska’s “great” AHL playoff experience, which obviously didn’t help much last night. Different players, different positions, so maybe this time better results.

    BTW Hat Guy only got about 10 seconds of air time before being told to STFU! Poor guy hasn’t had any previous playoff experience, give him a chance. 😉

  • Derian Hatcher

    Speed and skill. The Leaf showed very little of either last night. I’m tired of seeing 2 knuckle draggers on the same line. Ya, they’ll get the odd goal, but for the most part you’ve decided for the next 45 seconds, we’re just not going to try to score. Thats when I usually go to the can or the fridge. I want to see and they need to use their skill. My forehead is red from slapping it each time there was a blatant turnover. I like the Koska story but he’s got to go. I can’t believe that the ultra skilled fast skating puck moving defenceman, what’s his name is not playing. If you’re not going to play him here send him to the Marlies and give him a second shot at a Calder Cup. O’Byrne, Gardiner, Fratten. That’s who I’d put in. One of the face punchers an at least Koska and maybe Fraser who has been good, but not last night. My additions add, experience, speed and skill. I needed to rant as well. Not even Dangle could sum up accurately, just how bad the Leafs were last night.

  • millzy09

    I think your keyed in on something, but maybe oversimplified. You cannot beat the bruins at there own game! I agree, however I also think that the leafs made it to the playoffs because they started playing a bruins like game. Carlyle made a linebacker defense with sparse skill, but the ability to man handle players in front of the net and on the boards. This is why I believe that the leafs won so many games they were outshot or outchanced. Problem is you cannot do this to the bruins, and more importantly our defense are not good enough to make plays under the pressure the bruins forward provide.

    The leafs cannot 100% abandon their philosophies… but they need to get the forwards lower in their own zone get some simple board chips out and stop over thinking it in their own end.

    On offense I noticed that we cant translate anything to the front of the net… so Lets start using the point and hammering some shots through.

    Discouraging game, but you need to chalk up some of what we saw to inexperience and jitters. Heres hoping they can turn it around. Oh ya, kostka was useless and Gardiner should draw in for game 2.

  • millzy09

    Impressive commentary, I agree with the fight fire with water analogy. A roster shake up might be a good idea. Speed and defence responsibility will balance out the depth disparity.

    Nice Job Steve, it’s not over, the leafs just need to reevaluate their strategy.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Great video. The Leafs need a story of their own, a narrative that gives them an identity that reflects how they play as a team. The tough and gritty makes no sense as an identity for these guys. For a few of the players, sure. But a team story? Forget it. (I don’t mean a story the way we all grew up watching Keon, Sittler et al — yes, I am that old) I mean a story for THIS team. This team is full of hockey-smart, talented young guys who need to know how they are more than the sum of their parts. This is what a good coach, a real leader does, he gives you a story you can identify with, that brings out the best.

    You know, one thing you guys might want to analyze some time, maybe over the summer while we are all taking a break, is the psychology of coaching. The stats are great and I like reading your analysis. But great coaching delivers great teams — and there’s an awful lot we know about sports psychology that would be worth discussion here.

    Back to your post…. We are all wishing Carlyle would watch this video because it points to strategic thinking; but your video also presumes that he thinks about a team that is imaginative and fast, adaptive and creative. He doesn’t think that way. Carlyle’s had a great goalie and a couple of strong elements on offense to get the group this far. But it’s not a functioning team. Not til they all get their own story.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Definitely Steve, the best LFR I’ve ever seen of you cause you were entertaining and really smart man! I was educated and GOD I hope randy watches this LFR! You should just go to Boston and show randy your rant while in the press conference LOL I like randy, and sometimes he gets bagged on but he is a good coach but he has those tendencies to make a really bad error in judgement and the list is long whether it be holzer or the enforcers, or the weird line combos and I think your lines would work. However, I think maybe you can put frattin in that kadri JVR line cause he has also played well with kadri BUT he hasn’t been the same at ALL since that injury but like you said, it could change in the playoffs cause he played well for the marlies in the playoffs. Great video man!

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve, been a fan for a while. I liked your ideas about line changes and that, how to move forward. Thought I’d share my take on it.

    Go Leafs Go

    Put Grabovski in between our top two. He’s the only one who seems to want it and his drive and determination will most likely open up ice for Kessel. Hopefully the tenacity of JVR and Grabo combined rubs off on him as well. Grabovski also has the skill to be dangerous and is quite effective on the forecheck and cycle, which is something that line desperately needs. I think this line would match up quite well against Boston’s top unit, they definitely can out skate them and I would argue are significantly more skilled. The biggest question is puck possession, but I think Grabo would help that out a lot more than Bozak.

    Go back to what was a deadly line just a short time ago. Kulemin to me is the only leaf who could effectively match up against Jagr, and I think he would honestly give him fits. The skill and chemistry of Lupul and Kadri could also expose Kelly and Daugavins and the offensive zone play of these three would be quite a lot for the Boston line to handle.

    You simply have to have Bozak out against Bergeron, unless we want to get dominated on the dot. Also Bozak matches up favorably to the skill-set of Bergeron. They can shut each other down in a sense. While I was incredibly disappointed with the play of Macarthur, he is a skilled player with experience who can be quite an effective player when he’s riled up. Wake this guy up and get him on Seguin, tell him to be a rat. He has the speed, skill and tenacity to effectively shut him down. Finally, I put Frattin up against Marchand because I believe Frattin to be someone who you don’t want to piss off. He can also be pretty scrappy, and if he catches Marchand with his head down….bye bye.

    While I have nothing against the play of McClaren, Orr is better and when you have Komarov with Mclement, it actually becomes an effective line. High energy and high skilled, great defensively. This line could actually play significant minutes, especially if you double shift Kulemin in Orr’s spot.

    Gunnar-Phaneuf No real need to explain Gardiner-Obyrne Leafs biggest weakness to me last night was neutral zone play and our break out. Gardiner can significantly help this, hell his speed can often get him to the puck well before the forecheck. When he’s on he can be effective in defensive zone with quick passes and foot speed, which leads to a quick exit. If they do get hemmed in you have O’Byrne to clear the way, actually block shots (Kostka ) and dump the puck. Ultimately though, I would only give this line limited minutes. Fraser-Franson These two are actually quite an effective pair, bit of a slip though last night. Keep them together and don’t over expose them. Have them and the Gardiner pair each play 15-20 mins.

    Have Phaneuf and Gunnar out against the Bergeron line for obvious reasons and mix up the Franson pair and the Gardiner pair against Krejci…see who is the strongest.