The leader in streakcred – Rmo2000 – has now crashed and burned and his streak is over at 8 wins in a row. In fact the entire top 20 players in the game have all lost their streaks and everyone is starting again from zero. This is the time for the second wave of people looking to play to get involved.

We need you Nation, team entries are lagging way behind what we thought they would be by now. Keep reading after the jump if you want to see your ol’ pal Wanye beg you to support deserving charities.

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At the moment we are currently up shit creek in terms of entries. A few hundred entries in the can, we need several hundred more folks to sign up ASAP to square off prizing and be able to make donations to the MS Bike Tour and the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society.

Maybe it’s because the playoffs are such a foreign concept here in Edmonton that we can’t wrap our minds around what it would be like to participate in a playoff game of any sort. Maybe it’s because the game is new and learning is tough.

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Either way this game is still wide open for the winning and we know you are smart enough to take it down.

Sign up for streakcred here it’s only $20.


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We are currently helping a buddy move back to Edmonton from Chicago. Spending almost 3 straight days in a truck with the boys has led to many arguments and fist fights and our collective inability to win at this game has been at the centre of the excitement.  

The Road Trip Leaderboard currently looks like this:

1. @wanyegretz: Team Name: The Ministry of Squee Best streak: 3

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2. @thesquireyeg: Team Name: Harry Paratestes Best streak: 3

3. @17samb: Team Name: Samwise17 Best streak: 2

Come on. The playoffs must be rigged or something. Three self proclaimed cool guys like us can’t even crack three wins in a row. You can probably do way better than that can’t you?

But sitting on the sidelines won’t prove that you are smarter than someone who asked a security guard in Chicago when the NBA playoffs start.* We need you to get involved.

Think of what you can win! First place is a trip for two to Oktoberfest in Germany. Say what now? An airplane ride and booze and hotels and a G in pre-paid cash? Out of sight. And this time around entries are open to anyone anywhere in the world and your prizes will work just fine.

Look at all the goodies up for grabs here.


StreakCred is straight forward and is designed so that you can join up at any time. There are still tons of games left in these here 2013 playoffs and it is still anyone’s game. 

All you do is pick any team to win in any game on any given day. You can pick as many games as often or as rarely as you like. Don’t feel good about LA and Saint Lou? Don’t even give them the time of day and skip the entire circus. If your streak goes the longest you win. If you have the most wins in total you win too. It’s a win-win-win situation really.

Sign up for streakcred here if you like winning.


Speaking of paying out like a slot machine that just came up bells all of the Regular Season winners are going to be contacted by the fine folks at Nation HQ next week. First and foremost let’s all give a hearty congrats to Bernie Nicholls’ Blue Skate Blades who won the first place of a $5,000 shopping spree at United Cycle.

Think about that for a moment.

That’s like 11 autographed Oilers jersies, 500 ref whistles or 2,500 sets of skate laces. Anyway you slice it ol Bernie Nicholls himself is probably envious of the riches his name sake has just won using his immense brain pan.

Our ol pal on the twitterz Uncle Baresnake and The Rippers locked down second place finishing a mere 9 points back. This will get him a $1,000 prepaid visa card for his troubles. This could be used for anything really – internet dating credits for a beloved household pet, a remote control yogurt, some sort of singing clock perhaps. 

All in all we are sending out over $10,000 to several dozen nice folks in the coming days. A massive thank you to everyone who played and an even massiver thank you goes out to United Cycle, LubeX, the Pint and Oodle Noodle. We were able to raise over $3,800 for the MS Bike Tour and the Inner City Children’s Fund and now we are looking to send out even more.

*True story, the guy looked at us with such scorn we almost died.

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