The Leafs fan who got KO’d in Boston

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After the Leafs’ Game 2 victory over the Boston Bruins, a video began to make the rounds of a Leafs fan lying unconscious in the TD Garden. Witnesses said he had been assaulted by an angry Bruins fan (who ran off and has not been found), and taken to hospital. The video now has well over 45,000 views.

As more information came out, the victim’s identity became public. His name is Kyle Hay, and it turns out that he is a friend of a friend of mine, Bryan Barton. Byran happened to be there with him, as well. I got in contact with both of them late Sunday night. Many people have been asking about the exact details of the incident, so here’s what they had to say.

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“The game was amazing,” said Bryan, friend of the victim. “The people in the row behind us were really cool. They chatted with us the whole time and didn’t give us any trouble, however several people were thrown out in rows further above us for throwing things at us and heckling non-stop. Also, washrooms were tough to visit at Intermission as well, but nothing that you wouldn’t expect, I’d say.”

It was after the game however where taunting turned into assault.

“After the game I was blind-sided with a sucker punch while I had my mask on,” Kyle, who was also celebrating his birthday, explained. “Honestly, I do not remember what happened.”

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Obviously Kyle does not remember being knocked out, so he needed his friends to fill him in. Bryan helps there.

“Our buddy Patrick was the only one to see what actually happened and was with him the entire time afterwards. You can see him in the video. We came down the same stairs about two minutes later and that’s when we realized what had happened. “

Comments on the YouTube video and on other forums suggest that maybe Kyle and his friends were antagonizing Bruins fans after the game, and perhaps “had it coming.” Kyle says that’s not true.

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“There was no chirping going on when it happened. Just a pissed off fan, I guess.”

A scrap at a sporting event, especially a hockey game, probably doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary. Kyle’s injuries were fairly severe however, as he explains. 

“I had a cat scan done, I got three staples in the back of my head, swollen cheek, cut the inside my mouth, and concussed. I don’t remember the end of the game because of it.”

Bryan and company had to get Kyle medical attention, so they waited for an ambulance.

“There were all the boys (6 of us) with him, as well as the paramedics and a few members of security from the arena, who were not very helpful at all," Bryan recalled. "One of the boys went to the hospital with him in the ambulance, and the rest of us walked there. It was only about a mile away. We waited in the waiting room until about 2am when they released him. To be honest, we have no idea what he’s going to be looking at in terms of the hospital bill. One could only assume it will be expensive though because he had to take an ambulance, have a cat scan done, as well as have the staples put into his head.” 

“We are really trying to get him tickets for Game 3 or 4 at the very least. It would be unreal because his birthday was ruined.”

Kyle is awaiting his medical bill from the ordeal and says he does not know how much it will be. Now back home in Ontario, he went to Oshawa General Hospital on Sunday for a checkup.

Based on his tweet after realizing many fans were talking about his story, it appears Kyle’s sense of humor is intact.


Some might still be suspicious that Kyle or his friends instigated their own attack. One user on Reddit however, claims to have sat near Kyle and his group, and that they did no such thing. 


Kyle doesn’t know what his medical bill will be, but I would really like to find a way to get it paid for. Having to pay for being the victim of an unprovoked attack doesn’t sit right.

Many are pushing for Kyle to get tickets to a Leafs home playoff game, including our buddies over at

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  • marinonwo

    That is very inexcusable on the part of that Bruins “fan”. Sorry that Kyle was injured by some douche bag. It is not reflective of the vast majority of Bruins fans to act that way. Yeah we might engage in some banter with opposing fans, but it is mostly in a joking/friendly manner. Hope Kyle heals up quickly.

  • jasken

    I’m a Bruins fan and I apologize to Kyle for what this idiot did. It seems a lot of people think we are all bad in Boston , well we are not. Every city has people that go to far. I was in Montreal this weekend at a bar during the game Bruins fans on one side Toronto fans on the other. A lot of good ribbing going on , it was a great time. We ( the Boston fans) even gave one of them (the Toronto fans) a ride back to his hotel. A good time was had by all. Please don’t lump all Bruins fans in with a small group of idiots.

  • jasken

    Get used to it – Bruins fans are nasty and it’s not even to the HEAT of the series yet.

    In 2011 When Mason Raymond’s back was broken 20 seconds into Game 6 by Johnny Boychuk, the entire TD Gardens chanted “FLOPPER FLOPPER” as he lay on the ice unable to move.

    Google stories about the Canucks Bruins Finals – Fans were PISSED on in the washrooms.

    Boston is an amazing city but by far the absolute #1 WORST fans in the entire league

  • jasken

    I think the BEST thing that could happen – knowing there’s going to be a game 5 in Boston, no matter what.

    How about an all-expense paid trip to Boston for Kyle and a friend – and a seat in the owner’s box, or VIP seats?

    I think the Bruins’ ownership can afford it… it would probably be the best gesture they could make.

  • Just like any other city there are a fair amount of douchebags that go to games and probably can’t even name more than 5 guys on the roster, they go to drink and cause trouble. As a Boston fan, one who enjoys banter and meeting people from other cities, I would like to apologize. The people and the sports fans of Boston have been given great accolades since the events of April 15, and Boston Strong exemplifies how MOST people in Boston are. If you look at the video this poor guy is surrounded by Bruins fans trying to help him. One bad apple will not ruin the bunch here, whoever did this should be hunted down via one of the many security cameras in the Garden and charged to the fullest extent of the law.
    We are all hockey fans, lets not be soccer hooligans!

  • As a bruins fan this is a disgrace and i feel bad for this kid. But honestly people stop putting all boston fans into one group because of one insecure moron, we are not all like that. and hey at least were not as bad as the canadiens fans, right? lol

  • As a life long Boston fan and former resident, I deeply apologize for this brutal attack. We do have nasty punks here, and it is a source of great shame to the rest of us. I had a friend suffer a bad head injury when hit with a trash can while leaving an event in the same venue. I hope Kyle recovers quickly and suffers no long term effects.

  • Man, gives me a sickening feeling, being a Bruins fan reading about this.

    Best wishes to the victim. It’s a shame the scumbag who assaulted him didn’t end up in a cell, where he belongs.

    What is it about some people in this country? You hear about this sort of thing happening far too often. Funny how you never hear about sports fan thuggery of this sort happening in Canada. Some of us in the USA could learn a thing or two about decency from you guys.

  • Really sucks to hear, I was at this game and had a few people get kicked out for something similar near where I was sitting. Gives the rest of us Bruins fans a bad name. Glad to hear that he ended up getting those tickets, hope he has a much better time, this time around.

  • justVisiting

    I like how there is NO mention about the Bruins fans that did help you while everyone else just stood around. I was the one that made sure you were breathing and had a pulse when your eyes were rolled back in your head and you were completely unresponsive. We came around the corner and saw you laying there on the ground with people either walking by or just staring at you.
    You said it isnt true that you were antagonizing fans, “There was no chirping going on when it happened. Just a pissed off fan, I guess.” However I was standing there before you went into the stairwell and watched you and your friend argue with two other Bruins fans. I am in no way saying you deserved this in any way, but don’t say that you didn’t do anything. I didnt see you get punched so possibly at the time you were hit you werent doing anything. But part of me finds it hard to believe after watching you and your friend yell at the Bruins fan that you wanted to take it outside before security told you to keep it moving and go home.
    I am disgusted with the Bruins fans that did this to you. I hate that you and your friends had to spend your time in Boston like this. I am glad to know that ultimately you are okay. But it would be nice if you at least acknowledged those Bruins fans that did stop and help you.

  • justVisiting

    sorry about getting clobbered. i haven’t seen shanahan’s video yet but it’s gonna be a 2 game suspension.

    … the good news, there are a LOT of really good doctors near the rink, so, uhm, hope you’re ok.