LFR6 – Round 1, Game 7 – Bos-stunned


It’s over until it starts again.

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Jeffler: The morning after, and beyond
Post-game blog
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  • Stormsv2

    I think that if Bozak and Fraser were healthy, the outcome of that game might of been a tad different. Never the less, you’re right. We weren’t expected to win the cup, at least not yet but we proved that we’re not just push-overs by taking it to a veteran team like Boston.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Great videos, Steve. Thanks. Hey, if you are considering improvements, one thing I do in my video lectures (I teach online university courses on a platform called “Coursera”) is to be more interactive. Have a pop quiz/poll, the results of which can be machine tallied and you can respond to the results — gives you more engagement with your viewers. Just a thought.

    Anyway, just to say that the videos were a great complement to s surprisingly rewarding (albeit tragically ending) season.

  • Well done. See you (sigh) next year pally. Great vids I’m not a stats person but I appreciate the effort (especially when you breakdown what Grabo is doing on the ice).

    I really, really appreciate the content you are providing here. I live in Chicago now so you’ve become my go-to guy when it comes to sharing the highs and lows of the Leafs season. Many times I’ve held myself back from sharing your vids with friends and family here because they just wouldn’t get it and a blank stare would be too much to bear.

    Despite how the first round ended I’m looking forward to a great next season from the Leafs and watching your vids breaking down each game.

    Maybe we’ll see you in Ann Arbour for the Classic.

    All the best