The Leafs acquire Jonathan Bernier!!!


Welp. Holy crap. The Leafs got Jonathan Bernier. 

Here’s what I think of the deal, what this could mean, and a text statement from Ben Scrivens.

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  • MaxPower417

    If history has taught us anything, it’s that Fratten will score 35 next yr, Quick will get hurt and Scrivens goes on to win 40 games. Then the Leafs sign Bernier for 3 yrs at 3-4 million, to justify he’s the starting goalie on opening night and Reimer is destroyed by the downgrade to back up.

    Oi, I don’t like it, I don’t hate it as much as I first thought when it was a rumour.

    A tandem of goalies that more or less share the duties and push each other could work, it hasn’t before, but it could. One of them plays 45-50, the other plays the rest. It’s not usually how it works. On paper they are the same goalie, so it could be that having two Reimers is better than one, but it has not been the formula, ever, and I can’t think of a tandem that worked at equal amount of games, but maybe the Leafs start a trend, where two goalies of similar skills push each other and play till they lose, followed by the other guy who plays till he loses. Also, there may be another shoe that drops, or many, so it remains to be seen if this is that tandem that moves forward. Dreger said Phaneuf may be in play? Phaneuf plus Reimer to Phil for a Centre, Colorado maybe???? Leafs have 12 open spots with 5 or 6 RFA’s still to sign, so this will be a much different team that pushed Boston to the edge. At least we didn’t give up on Colborn or a 1st.

  • MaxPower417

    I believe that both teams won this trade. The Kings don’t need Bernier, and we didn’t give up much. Frattin isn’t anything special, and Bernier is a great goalie. All of the experts think he is an amazing goalie. I hate when people call him a backup goalie… Because he would start of most teams in the NHL, he just had a guy named Jonathan Quick in front of him….

    As a massive Leaf fan, I like this trade.

    • The problem with experts is that they tend to overlook the fact that there are about 50 guys who could be quality starters in the NHL at any given time.

      Not a lot of people liked Sergei Bobrovsky going into last season. Even James Reimer had a lot of critics. Goaltending is a real tough position to judge, so it’s more worthwhile to not spend a lot to get goalies. You can find bargains in the free agent market or in the lower half of the draft.

  • I would be fine with this trade if it weren’t for:

    A) overpayment for Bernier (as you mentioned)

    B) the fact that Bernier WANTS TO BE A STARTER. If him and Reimer compete for the starter’s job at camp – which they will, and Reimer wins, will he ask for a trade?

  • JCDavies

    This feels a little like a rental (or an audition). Not in the sense that Bernier will definitely be gone by the end of next season but in the sense that the Leafs will need to choose between Reimer and Bernier and one of them will be dealt next off-season. There could be a chance to recoup some of those lost assets at that time.

  • JCDavies

    Hi Steve. Nice vid. To assess the trade, you have to answer the question “what roster player did they pick up?” If the player they added is a #1 goalie, then this is a decent trade for both sides. But if Bernier continues to average 16 starts per season (as he has to date), then they grossly overpaid for a backup, upgrade or no.

    To me, that suggests that Bernier is, for now, pencilled in at #1, with an asterisk beside his name.

  • Bernier has potential to be a quality starter, the leafs have no options after Reimer if he gets hurt, which has happened over the last two seasons. The Leafs got the best player in the deal and if he signs an affordable deal, shows he can handle 30 starts, while keeping Reimer healthy, we can move him for better assets. Better than an aging replacement 3rd liner, a replacement level goalie and a pick. He becomes trade bait for philly, tampa, florida, etc…. and remember having options in goal is important because Cam has shown that hot goalies can keep terrible possession teams in the hunt, Bernier has the pedigree to be that option, so if something happens to Reimer, I think B has a much better chance to be that option than, Jussi, or Scrivens.

    Did everyone forget how Benny handles the puck? I was pre-maturely aging every dump-in watching that guy. His game has holes.

    Also did everyone forget that both Scrivens and Frattin were free agent signings out of the NCAA so they didn’t cost the Leafs anything either. Brian Burke made lemons into lemonade there.

  • This trade sucks for a few reasons.

    1. It barely upgrades a position that we didn’t need an upgrade on (scrivens .910 career save% Bernier career .912)

    2. We threw away 3 assets for one and 500K in space.

    3. It sends a sickening message that Nonis doesn’t understand asset management or cap space strategy. His moves so far: Jettisoning Steckel and Brown for peanuts. Bringing in FML on waivers. Re-singing Can’t Scorr for 2 more years, letting Komarov walk and trading for a goalie when we have 2 pretty good ones. Oh and re-signing Korpylon Holzer that was also brilliant.

    4. It hurts our ability to make trades for the 2 things we REALLY need: D-men who can play D and a Centre who can keep up with Phil. The UFA market is bare bones and they’re going to overpay for some crap if they go that route. Trades are really the best option and now we just blew 3 assets for 1 we didn’t need.

    5. The trade in a vacuum is ok, probably an overpayment though. I don’t see why we’re throwing in a pick and cap space. In the big picture this trade reeks of incompetence since Reimer was hardly the problem, in fact he’s the reason we even made the playoffs.

    6. Cap is going down and Dave is signing Orr and peddling cap space to other teams. I don’t get this strategy at all.

    7. The Leafs D is considerably worse than LA’s so Bernier’s stats might even be worse for us. That’s just brilliant since Scrivens was only .002 save% worse than Bernier in his career. Bernier has 1 game of playoff experience (not that this means anything) but if you’re going to go by cliche narratives Reimer still destroys Bernier. Just a dumb trade I’m pretty disappointed.

  • The deal is going to help both teams. The only thing that I dont like is they traded Frattin. Frattin has a much higher trade value. If this was a deal like scrivens+ 2nd rounder for bernier it would have been better not only for the team but to james. Reimer obviulsly is going to see this as an insult and i would too if my team spent so much just to get him. The only real thing they needed to get this off season was a good centremen and a top right handed defence men. If the Leafs learned anything from the Bruins in the first round is they need to have depth in centre and win faceoffs and a third line that can dominate. I love Grabo with all my heart ( he is my 2nd favourite player) but he needs to go. 5.5 million is too much. I would say to sign bozak to a one year deal and tell him if he reaches like 60 points in the season he will get the contract he deserves. Kadri is not ready for number one yet, but in one season he could be. Thats why this season leafs have to get a top line defencemen. Last off season Burke sat tight and kept his trade assets and it paid off. Grabo+ Clarky+Gunnarson+Carter Ashton+John Micheal Liles+ Ryan O’burne+Kostka+ Holzer+ couple prospects and if they sign Bozak then but colborone in the mix. There defence pairing should be :
    Phaneuf-(Top right handed defencemen)
    Fraser- (prospect or trade)-Jesse Blanker or Stuart Percy.