The Steve Dangle Podcast – July 1, 2013 – Draft Day Aftermath


Steve Dangle and Adam Wylde talk about the 2013 NHL Entry Draft as it’s happening, the Dave Bolland trade, the Cory Schneider trade, and why Steve isn’t a fan of strip clubs.

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  • millzy09

    Teams that win the cup or go far are usually all in and up against the cap. They then need to shed salary once the playoffs are done. This is not uncommon. Please don’t compare Versteeg and Bolland. Just so happens that Chicago has won the cup twice in four years making them the most likely trade partner.

    Also, you need to be absolutely in the bag before you go to a strip club. If I’m not at that stage, I find it really awkward too!

    I think my favourite blown draft would be ’03 when we traded away Boyes and our 1st for Owen Nolan. 2003 being noted as producing probably the most franchise players in NHL history. That traded pick landed ahead of somewhat notable players such as Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Mike Richards, Shea Weber, Ryan Kesler, Patrice Bergeron. Don’t worry though, at least we held onto our 2nd that year and took John Doherty…