BigBadBoss Presents: James Reimer


Something we do on occasion on this website, is comment on the work of others. Cam does a wonderful job with that sort of thing, like with his recent post on the Greg Cronin interview that went viral Thursday morning. This is a little different.

I love making highlight videos and montages. I get to see the work of the incomparable Tim Thompson aka b0undless at CBC, I helped make a few in my brief stint at the NHL Network to close out the 2013 season, and I like to make them for fun, as well.

This is the greatest video I have seen on the Toronto Maple Leafs in a long, long time.

This post is purely out of admiration.

Made by the extremely underrated YouTube channel of BigBadBoss, "James Reimer | 2013 Season" is guaranteed to get a reaction out of you. If you’re a Reimer fan, you will absolutely love it. In a way, it might even make you frustrated and kind of pissed off… Ok, that’s mostly me.

Whether you agree with what the Leafs have done this offseason or not, please just enjoy the great work here of BigBadBoss, and consider subscribing to their YouTube channel. Fantastic work.

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  • jasken

    Nice video

    Now I’m just angry again thinking about how he’s been mistreated.

    I don’t know if I’m going to be able to tolerate Bernier starting on opening night.

    • jasken

      It’s probably a when, not an if. There’s a decent number of possible outcomes, but the only ones that I see involving Reimer staying require Bernier to be a bust, or horrible asset management. Both are possible I suppose, but I really don’t see them keeping him around.

  • jasken

    Reimer is a good dependable goalie based on what we have seen so far. The truth is we haven’t yet seen him in a full season yet, the acquisition of Bernier could only solidify the goaltending position. Hopefully 1 of the 2 can actually accomplish atleast 35+ wins in an 82 game schedule, when 1 does I will classify them as a starting goalie.

    • Lucius

      I see what you mean, but I still do not understand what Reimer has to do to be the recognised starter? Surely he has proved himself worthy of the position, yet management turn their back on him and get Bernier. Either way the tandem sounds great.

      • jasken

        It’s not his worth I think their pushing. Think they believe they could get more from him, so get what they think is a better goalie then Scrivens that will challenge him.

        Management always want more no matter how good you are this management team seems to want it all. They will get whoever they feel is going to help them achieve that. It’s better to have Bernier then face him 5-6 times against Philly.

  • jasken

    everyone is saying how much they “forgot about Reimer” and how “sad” they will be if he left cause of how the leafs have handled his future by adding bernier… ill be the first to admit that i would have taken Luongo over Reimer any day, but with the leafs sticking with Reimer just made me love him more, some of the games we had no reason to be in them and he stood on his head every game, he gave a leafs team a wonderful shot about knocking off the big bad bruins after a 9 year drought, like we pushed them to game 7 OT, even tho we lost Reimer played amazing for his first time in the playoffs as a #1 GOALIE IN TORONTO, just imagine that pressure, anyways, when people say they have forgotten about Reimer dont deserve to be called leaf fans, you cant say you forgot about your #1 for the past 2-3 years, he will be a #1, he has the potential to carry this leafs team, but if he gets treated like hes forgotten or doesnt deserve to be #1 he will leave and he will shine somewhere else. Like i said, not saying i dont like the Bernier deal, it adds rivalry in the blue paint and will definitely cause both players to play their best but you cant forget about Reimer, Reimer is our #1 right now, and in all honesty, im willing to bet he plays so good bernier wont see as much ice time as he planned to get

  • jasken

    It is not that the Leaf management think Reimer is that bad, it is about competition at the top level. For me the real idiots here were the “experts” dissing’cussing Reimer as not being good enough and I have not heard one of them say on the air that they were wrong in their assessment of Reimer.
    Look, James Reimer has had to prove himself at every level. It may have something to do with how laid back and nice a guy he is. He is not flakey or totally of the wall, nor a character. He is just a real nice likable Christian guy that does not put anyone down. That may be his biggest drawback. I think the extra motivation of Bernier in town will only make Reimer better and I am sure as I post this, Reimer is working on his puck handling smarts and his view as to how to control the game. Last year there were at least 2 instances where he could have kept the puck in play and did not, as a result of the resulting faceoff 2 goals were scored on him. That is an area where I see he has to get better at, discerning when to freeze and when to play the pucks at him.