The Steve Dangle Podcast – July 30, 2013 – Negative Nancy


Look at those sex muffins, right?

 On this edition of the Steve Dangle Podcast, the boys talk about the Dave Nonis extension, the new Derek Boogaard, and our taking the show on the road.

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Links to the things we talked about…

Argument for trading Franson

Why trading Franson is stupid

Travis Yost’s Boogaard article

Scathing Pierre McGuire Article from 1994

More on McGuire with Hartford

Even more on McGuire with Hartford

Adam’s Prank on Justin Bieber fans:

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  • MaxPower417

    First off, just wanted to great work with the podcast guys. I enjoy the hockey talk and get a kick out of all the random tangents you guys get lost down.

    Steve – There is one way next season can work out for you(and me). The Leafs could be good next year AND there possession numbers could improve because, young players take big steps forward and get put in positions with more responsibility. Maybe Carlyle gets visited by a three ghosts and gives up the collapsing defence.

    That way, no ones right, but we’re all happy. A man can dream.

    Oh, and what did Nonis do to deserve a 5 year contract? Easy. He signed Leiweke favourite goalie and his future son-in-law. Richard Peddie 2.0? I sure hope not.

  • millzy09

    Flin Flon, Manitoba represent! I’m impressed Adam had the Canadian geographical knowledge to pull that one out. Left that place as soon as they handed me my high school diploma. Loving the podcast. Keep it up. The intro makes it even more legitimate.