David Alter reports Nazem Kadri wants a lot of money, Kadri fires back


David Alter, the Leafs and NHL reporter for Sportsnet 590 the Fan, reported what Nazem Kadri’s camp is allegedly asking for in ongoing contract negotiations with the Leafs. Nazem Kadri responded…negatively. Before I get into what I think, here’s how the conversation went. 

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And then ish got real…

Well that’s an exciting little turn of events, especially for hockey in the middle of August.

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat because I’m sure somebody will eagerly point this out in the comments section: David Alter is my friend. I hope that doesn’t change your mind on what I think of the situation, but at least I’m letting you know.

On the flip side, I have also met and spoken to Nazem Kadri a bunch of times. I don’t have a bad thing to say about the guy. In fact, I think he’s one of the more active and nicer guys on the team in terms of fan interaction.

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One thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet is that Alter is currently in Vancouver, on what was supposed to be a vacation. Welp, so much for that! He penned (or typed) this post after the exchange.

Many people tweeted about how Kadri "owned" Alter. I’m not sure how. I mean, yeah, Kadri stuck up for himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s right and Alter’s lying or his sources are bogus. We’ll never be able to confirm the truth on this one. Alter reported something, and Kadri said it was wrong. It’s not like Kadri said what he was actually asking for, because that would be stupid. It’s also unlikely that Alter would reveal who told him those details, because that’s not exactly a smart move for a journalist to make. You don’t reveal sources.

On the other hand, you can’t blame Kadri. He’s in the middle of the first big contract negotiation of his young career, and it’s obviously starting to get pretty heated. He already voiced his displeasure with the negotiations in the media recently.

The start of the season is mere weeks away. Exhibition games start in less than a month. Training camp is even sooner. Kadri’s camp, if Alter’s report is true, is asking for a lot of money. You can’t blame them; that’s kind of their job. The Leafs are the other party in this negotiation, so they’re low-balling Kadri. No surprise there either. Complicating matters even more is that Dave Nonis has really put the Leafs in a cap crunch situation this summer. How he plans on signing both Kadri and Franson by the time the season starts is a mystery to me.

Kadri saw Alter report something about the negotiations, something Kadri would likely want to remain private if it’s true, and Alter also referred to Kadri’s dip in production at the end of the season. Those two triggers likely set Kadri off, as they would set off any young guy in a bad mood.

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This is gonna be fun to watch.

If you’re interested in learning more about David Alter, he was on my podcast recently. You might be particularly interested in what he says about reporting, the pressure that comes with breaking stories, and his relationship with players in the Maple Leafs’ locker room.

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  • I dont understand how Alter can just write an article with no facts and just throw out numbers quoting no sources or facts to back them up. The best part is you people are reading this and believing it just because Alter said it. The real facts are no one really knows anything and the tweets and article is speculation. Kadri’s response to him furthers that fact.

    The facts are no one knows anything besides Kadri and Leafs management all these other “reporters” have no factual evidence just like every other Tom Dick and Harry sitting at the bar discussing this topic. And THAT people is the truth not what Alter and others are fabricating.

  • I’m not sure who is superior at trashing leaf players – the MSM or the online twitter stats folks.

    Kadri often gets maligned as perhaps it both generates hits for MSM and bloggers. Remember how Kadri was “fat” and had a bad attitude etc. This is more of that terrible treatment by MSM and twitter trash talkers. If Cherry was saying this about Kadri, people would pull out the Xenophobic argument because of Kadri’s race.

    I don’t care about a player’s advanced stats or opinion piece narratives and tweets that people spin when it comes to MSM or bloggers willing trashing my team.

    I still enjoy my leafs – be it Kadri (entitled whiner), Lupul (poor advanced stats), Phanuef (bad captain), Kessel (backs out of physical play), Orr (soupcan facepuncher), Bozak (nice hair) and Reimer (bad glove hand) etc. I mostly like how Carlyle coaches (poor usage) and Nonis (potato power) does their jobs.

    But the MSM and some advanced stats folks are in a class all by themselves with their “reporting” masquerading as hatchet job opinion pieces and hit generating stories and tweets. At one time the bloggers and advanced stats folk would hold the MSM to account but now they are as bad if not worse then them.

  • ajp4to

    Give him the big dollar long term deal he wants and watch as he gets fat and lazy. This flop and fall down clowns’ only motivation is the big dollars. Once he gets them you can say goodbye to the work ethic and desire required to play at the NHL level.

  • Why doesnt Anyone ask this question to Leaf’s management. You signed Clarkson and Bollard to big contracts, Knowing you would have less than $5mil to resign Both Kadri and Franson. What was this team thinking??

    • I actually think Nonis considered the cap crunch he’d create with the signings and went ahead anyway because he figured it’d force Kadri and Franson to accept bridge contracts sooner rather than later (instead of sitting out a long while first as Subban did).

      He is now “forced” to play hardball when he probably wanted to play hardball all along.

      They both know they can’t hold out for more because there’s only so much cap space.
      So they’ll both have to prove they deserve big money by showing they can sustain their level of play for at least one more season.