As the preseason comes to a close and the NHL regular season is squarely on the horizon StreakCred is ready to go with an early bird – $15 for the entire year.

This year StreakCred will reset every month. So if you come out of the gates stone cold and impossibly select the Flames to win each of their first 7 games and fall behind the entire leaderboard will reset at the end of the month and you can start anew. Prizes will be given out for the top streaks each month as will the most correct picks. And you are gonna win prizes friends.

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And they are damn good prizes too. Autographed Oilers jersies. Autographed jersies from NHL stars courtesy of the connects of our newest Nation Network partner Brian Sutherby. Autographed sticks! Cash! Trophies! Trophy wives!*

Every month more people will get involved and it will cost them $20 to jump aboard the SS Winning. But from now until Friday night at Midnight MST the early birds will get the worm of $5 off and will have the entire season to test their mettle for only $15.


Grand prize is a prize package worth $2,000 and a hilarious trophy that will sure to thrill any winner and annoy the hell out of the winners spouse. As in "what what the heck did you do to win this trophy and NO IT WILL NOT GO ON OUR MANTLE." 

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As always a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. For the 2013-14 season the Inner City Children’s Program here in Edmonton – a deserving group and a Nation Network favourite who help provide programs and hot lunches to deserving Edmonton School Kids.

We will be pumping the holy hell out of this all year, showing the winners with praise and lavish prizes and laughing heartily at those who don’t enter. 

So sign up here won’t ya?

Be a pal. Please? If you have a draft we will play it too and promise not to win**

*No actual humans are offered as prizes.

** Not an actual promise we will totally win.

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