The Steve Dangle Podcast – September 29, 2013 – Colborne, Trades & Rules



Steve & Chris are students as McKeen’s Hockey Pro Scouting Coordinator Gus Katsaros calls in to discuss the Joe Colborne trade from both a Leafs and a Flames perspective, and whole lot more. Chris and Steve also discuss the NHL’s recent rule changes and the benefits of living.

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Pekka Rinne’s worst KHL game.

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  • MaxPower417

    No offence to the guest, but if he claims to understand asset management, he should have some serious questions about the Nonis regime, including this trade.

  • MaxPower417

    James Reimer is half decent fourth rounder :p

    Hybrid icing is a race to an imaginary line at the offensive faceoff dot. If it’s a TIE or the offensive player is ahead, play keeps going, if the defensive player wins it outright, play is blown dead.

    Fans indicate what exciting hockey is, not what well played hockey is.

    I would LOVE 3v3. Do 4 minute 4v4, 3 minutes 3v3 and then the shootouts. It would take 2 minutes more, that’s nothing.

  • I do wish the 3-2-1 Point model was introduced. Weird when a team like Florida can Bettman-Bonus point themselves into the play-offs just to lose first round.

    If you get Gus Katsaros back I’d love to hear a pro-scouts opinions on valuing what a fan would consider a goon when watching their development.

    FWIW, in Ontario U-18 required to wear a helmet. O-18 I think the wording is you are strongly encouraged, but not required by law. So you aren’t breaking the law Steve.

  • beloch

    I’ve occasionally been critical of other podcasts around the nation network, but I think this is the first time I’ve tuned into this particular one (I’m a Flames fan who was, naturally, looking for perspectives on the Colborne trade).

    I’m actually impressed. You discussed the trade intelligently without trashing either team and brought in a quality outside interview in the process. You kept it interesting, and funny, enough that I listened to the end. I enjoyed the discussion of new league rules even though it didn’t really cover new ground for me. It was simply humorous and a good listen. I am completely with you on 3 on 3 second overtime.

    Excellent work! I will tune in again. Hopefully you guys can help us Flames fans understand just what the heck to expect from Burke as il duce/fuhrer/press…

  • Lucius

    I have a question that I cannot answer with my limited knowledge.

    What if both teams collaborated and all tucked in their jerseys, you can’t give a penalty to every player in both teams???

    That would be the coolest way to protest this new rule. and it would be extremely to see how the refs deal with the situation.

    We have to get this to happen!