LGD – Game 29: Stars @ Leafs – Maybe it’s just a bad dream

Overall, I think that the hockey world overestimates the impact of big winning or losing streaks. Think of it this way: a contending team wins about 60% of its games, and a lottery team wins about 37%. There’s not really a huge deviation from 50-50. If you flip a coin 82 times, even one that’s…


Leafs Call Up Jerry D’Amigo

In his fourth season of professional hockey, it looks like Jerry D’Amigo may have finally recieved his "in" to the National Hockey League, being called up to the Toronto Maple Leafs today amidst a grocery list of injuries across the forward core. 



Time for another article that focuses on the “Edmonton” part of the “Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog” that you see on the heading of the site. If you are looking to read about the calculated odds of the Oilers shooting out of 14th place in the West read on. You have been warned.