Time for another article that focuses on the “Edmonton” part of the “Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog” that you see on the heading of the site. If you are looking to read about the calculated odds of the Oilers shooting out of 14th place in the West read on.

You have been warned.

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One of our goals here at the Nation is to ring the bell of Edmonton loud and clearly for everyone to hear. There are a great many people reading this site that don’t live in Edmonton and we want to convey all the awesome that is living in Alberta’s Capital City. Today we are happy to announce that The Nation Network is teaming up with Edmonton Tourism to help us do that even more.

We have been all over hells half acre on this globe and we can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that E-town is the best city on Earth. And as a proud resident of Edmonton we have started a new program to use the Nation Network and the blogosphere in general as a way to promote Edmonton – bringing in Nation Bloggers and internet types in general from different sites to show them what living large in Edmonton and going to the game on a minus 40 night is all about.

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We will showcase the unprecedented potency of a Rexall Beer. We will show these out of towners how to line up at the Pint Downtown without a winter jacket in the middle of the winter. We will introduce them to Oilers fans and Edmonton and show them why it was voted “100000x better than Calgary” in a recent poll of a single unnamed hockey blogger.

And it won’t stop there. There are a great many initiatives in Edmonton that are on the horizon that we will help promote. From embracing the winter lifestyle by being outdoors, to festivals and concerts to artfully dodging potholes while balancing an XL Tim Hortons Double-Double on your knee.


Steve Dangle came in a few weeks back and we showed him around town. We went to the mall and looked at the world’s largest indoor rollercoaster, took in an Oilers game, kindly let the Leafs destroy us kind hosts. Then we took Steve to the Pint and Oodle Noodle hitting the Oilers fan hat trick on the screws. 

He seemed to come away with a positive experience despite being ill which meant he could only have a sip of a Rexall Beer for fear that it would interact with his antibiotics. That’s people in Toronto for you, always on antibiotics.

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One thing we won’t be doing with these strangers is apologizing for winter. You can see on the new backsplash ad on the site that the City of Edmonton is about done trying to change the weather. Despite over 100 years of curses from Edmontonians it’s still dark and cold for most of the winter months. But it should be embraced not feared. Even on a tiny level, getting outside only for a moment as you run from house to car to office and back.

It really isn’t all that bad.

Finally to all our readers in Northern Alberta, minting coin and working in camps you should really pop down here when you do have days off. We have the sturdiest dance floors in Western Canada, the loudest slot machines this side of Reno and a variety of other amenities to keep you entertained.

Haven’t you heard? “Edmonton is the Las Vegas of the North.” Who made this quote? I did. Does that make it a thing? It sure does.

Teaming up with Edmonton Tourism will allow us to step our efforts as ambassadors of Edmonton to the kind folks on the internet. Sounds like a hell of a job to us.

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