LFR7 – Game 40 – GREAT SCOTT! – Buf 3, Tor 4 (SO)


But hey, they won!


Phaneuf is good
Ok, he’s not THAT good
Post Game

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  • Jeremy Ian

    THE HOLLANDATOR! He will leave you flat…he will…drown your dreams. I might not be thinking of the right country. Is Holland the one with all the Dykes.(note, not a sexist thing, the actual flood control device) How did you not mention that sweet, or was it, sick, pass by JVR. Mmmmm. You really should send me your scripts before, so I can make sure you dont leave anything out! Give Hatguy more screen time, will ya.

  • Jeremy Ian

    How about some love for Carlyle’s coaching?

    1. Notice how the usual moronic 4th line loving coach, smartly went with the first line against Scott’s line who had amazing zone pressure before Gardiner’s goal.

    2. The incomprehensible scribble happy whiteboard coaching preceded the Holland goal. The team was probably did the wrong thing but somehow managed to score.

    That said Carlyle needs to stop playing Kessel on shootouts. Kessel doesn’t do well under the spotlight like that.

    • Carlyle deserves credit when it’s do, BUT…

      1. They have home ice advantage. They BETTER take advantage of situations like that.
      2. I have a hard time believing that they drew up that goal. Diving pass into a snipe? Maybe it helped with the setup, and in that case, that’s good.