“Boy oh boy, would the Maple Leafs love to find a taker for Nazem Kadri.”


Wait. What?!?

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Here’s me on the computer this morning.

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Here’s the link to the actual article. Larry Brooks of the New York Post, or "Brooksie" as you may know him from his numerous spats with John Tortorella, threw that little chestnut in near the bottom of an article that began discussing Team USA’s potential Olympic roster.

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Does it have legs? Who knows? I find it pretty odd that this sort of rumour would come out of New York before it came out of Toronto if it had any validity.

Welp. Hold onto your butts.

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  • STAN

    I can think of at least 50 NHL defensemen I’d rather have than Dion Phaneuf. Especially at that outrageous price that’s being bandied about. It’s insane.

    For instance, Mark Giordano is a solid two-way defender who runs a power play and he’s making $5M. Is Phaneuf 40 percent better? Not even close. In fact, he’s not as good as Giordano. Or Subban. Or any one on the Bruins D.

    That’s my way of prefacing the case for making a trade, but don’t trade Kadri, who is locked in at a reasonable $2.9 through the end of next season. Kadri is only going to get better. Phaneuf, on the other hand, is getting worse.

    It says a lot that his name was not even mentioned for team Canada. There are good reasons, he’s slow, is a lousy puck handler, rotten passer, shows little leadership and is an icing machine.

      • The Benevolent Orca

        You don’t think it can be done? Let’s try, shall we:

        Category 1: Zdeno Chara, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Erik Johnson, Niklas Kronwall, Dmitri Kulikov, Drew Doughty, Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, Michael Del Zotto, Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, Erik Karlsson, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Alex Pietrangelo, Kevin Shattenkirk, Karl Alzner

        Category 2: Hampus Lindholm, Cam Fowler, Torrey Krug, Dougie Hamilton, Darnell Nurse, Justin Schultz, Slava Voynov, Seth Jones, Adam Larsson, Griffin Reinhart, Victor Hedman, Jacob Trouba

        Category 3: Francois Beauchemin, Dennis Seidenberg, Mark Giordano, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Alex Goligoski, PK Subban, Braydon Coburn, Kris Letang, Zach Bogosian, Dustin Byfuglien

        I don’t watch nearly enough of every team’s games, so I had to discount about 20 possible names because I haven’t seen them recently enough to know if they’ve tailed off in the last season or two.
        That’s 39. It’s not quite 80% of the way to 50, but if you consider that the Leafs aren’t really gonna do anything this year, I probably shouldn’t have dismissed a dozen young players; I only looked at “prospects” who could play in the NHL right now in a top-4 capacity (with a few rare exceptions in Nurse and Reinhart). But were I in charge of the Leafs, I think there are probably 50 defenders or so that I would trade Phaneuf for, straight-up, because I’d probably want to rebuild. I mean, a rebuild shouldn’t be necessary, given how young the team is, but with your current front office royally screwing up the cap (in addition to the dozen bad decisions they make every season personnel-wise), I’m not sure how to fix it without moving on. Phaneuf is too old to sign him to a 7-year extension; I like the guy, but that’s a dumb contract length for anybody over the age of 25.

  • The one position we’re not going to trade from its centre. Especially our only offensive center, what a joke. If anyone is getting traded it will be Kule to Pitt. Was Brooks masturbating when he came up with that fantasy? I’m sure the Rangers would love him, but he’s not going anywhere!

  • Hmmmm. Well I wouldn’t like to trade Kadri it does sort of make sense. With Bozak coming back and the Holland trade maybe management sees Kadri as their best trading chip. Maybe in Nonis’ eyes Holland has replaced Kadri or at least made trading him more palatable.

    Personally, I would not like to see Kadri get traded but if it is part of a deal that gets you a young top player in return I could probably live with it. I’m not talking about a over aged rental player but a young guy 26 or under just entering his prime. Imagine if you trade Gardiner, Riemer and Kadri or any combination of the two what the return would be. It would have to be huge. I have no idea if this could work but what if for example, it was Andrew Ladd and Evander Kane coming back? Or maybe Sean Monahan and Sven Baertechi or Giordanno or some combo?

    While I am loathe to part with any of the fore mentioned Leafs I will wait to see what the return is before ripping it.

    After the deal is made is when I will start bitching.

    • YOu want to trade Kadri but only if you get a top, young skilled player. OK, what does that make Kadri? Isn’t he young, skilled, 2-3 yrs from his peak years. Why would we trade a young good player for a young good player? That makes no sense. Trading Gardiner from the D to acquire a top C makes sense, but we are paper thin at C and we would be nuts to trade the best one we have. I like Holland, but he has not shown anyone how good he can be, maybe he’ll end up being better than Kadri, but I doubt it, he is not a replacement for Kadri, especially not after only 20 games. Kadri is our best 2nd line C, and possibly our future top line C/1st unit PP. You don’t trade those guys unless you are weak somewhere else. But we are strong at D,and the wing and in goal, so why would we trade our best C? Our weakest position. Anyway, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

      • I didn’t say I wanted to trade Kadri just laid out what management might be thinking.

        As for being strong on D you must be kidding. Another top 2 d man would go a long way to solidifying this team. We are not strong on d in any way shape or form. That is evidenced by the play this year.

        I don’t know how good Holland can be. Is he better than Kadri right now, no. But with Bozak back at number one maybe Holland’s play so far makes trading more Kadri more palatable (remember trading Fuhr because Potvin developed). I could see one of the young centers going in a package to try and find a number two type defenseman like Mark Giodarnno.

        For the record I would not like to see any of the youngsters get traded unless the deal is really, really good. It is obvious that something on this team is not right.

        • mlpnj5

          Even Though we need a 2D, we are deep at the position. I meant that as an organization, we have a lot D and D prospects. We have almost nothing at C now and not much in the pipeline.

  • mlpnj5

    Kadri has peaked, given that he is unteachable. He’s been a wunderkind for far too long, it just didn’t pan out. He has one move, and looks lost at the NHL level. Last year was sheltered minutes and an aberration. People have now figured out he will toe-drag and shoot, end of story. The problem isn’t should they trade him, the problem is that they could’t get peanuts for him. Still, he’s taking up a valuable centre position where I would be happier with practically anybody else (except Smithson).