Nazem Kadri appears to be struggling; should not be traded

I’m working on something a little more in depth breaking down some of the more important Maple Leafs storylines at the halfway mark, but this keeps popping up in my timeline: In wake of Carlyle rant this morning 2 #NHL clubs have confirmed for me #Leafs have made Kadri available in any trade discussion. —…


#SEAofBLUE 24/7 Aftershow: Ep 3

  Aftershow for the Leafs-Wings 24/7 – Episode 3! Talking about Nazem Kadri’s brain, Santa’s relationship with Daniel Alfredsson, and David Clarkson’s water bottle.


Leafs win in regulation despite Justin Bieber’s attendance

Forget Bieber. Check out the dude in the brown sweater. "Well hello there." Alright. There’s plenty to complain about. The Leafs allowed 43 shots from the Carolina Hurricanes. The ‘Canes are 13th in the east and 25th in the league. Offensively? They’re worse! Third-last (aka 28th). They can’t score on a barn door this season…