The Leafs fan who got KO’d in Boston

After the Leafs’ Game 2 victory over the Boston Bruins, a video began to make the rounds of a Leafs fan lying unconscious in the TD Garden. Witnesses said he had been assaulted by an angry Bruins fan (who ran off and has not been found), and taken to hospital. The video now has well over 45,000 views.

As more information came out, the victim’s identity became public. His name is Kyle Hay, and it turns out that he is a friend of a friend of mine, Bryan Barton. Byran happened to be there with him, as well. I got in contact with both of them late Sunday night. Many people have been asking about the exact details of the incident, so here’s what they had to say.

“The game was amazing,” said Bryan, friend of the victim. “The people in the row behind us were really cool. They chatted with us the whole time and didn’t give us any trouble, however several people were thrown out in rows further above us for throwing things at us and heckling non-stop. Also, washrooms were tough to visit at Intermission as well, but nothing that you wouldn’t expect, I’d say.”

It was after the game however where taunting turned into assault.

“After the game I was blind-sided with a sucker punch while I had my mask on,” Kyle, who was also celebrating his birthday, explained. “Honestly, I do not remember what happened.”

Obviously Kyle does not remember being knocked out, so he needed his friends to fill him in. Bryan helps there.

“Our buddy Patrick was the only one to see what actually happened and was with him the entire time afterwards. You can see him in the video. We came down the same stairs about two minutes later and that’s when we realized what had happened. “

Comments on the YouTube video and on other forums suggest that maybe Kyle and his friends were antagonizing Bruins fans after the game, and perhaps “had it coming.” Kyle says that’s not true.

“There was no chirping going on when it happened. Just a pissed off fan, I guess.”

A scrap at a sporting event, especially a hockey game, probably doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary. Kyle’s injuries were fairly severe however, as he explains. 

“I had a cat scan done, I got three staples in the back of my head, swollen cheek, cut the inside my mouth, and concussed. I don’t remember the end of the game because of it.”

Bryan and company had to get Kyle medical attention, so they waited for an ambulance.

“There were all the boys (6 of us) with him, as well as the paramedics and a few members of security from the arena, who were not very helpful at all," Bryan recalled. "One of the boys went to the hospital with him in the ambulance, and the rest of us walked there. It was only about a mile away. We waited in the waiting room until about 2am when they released him. To be honest, we have no idea what he’s going to be looking at in terms of the hospital bill. One could only assume it will be expensive though because he had to take an ambulance, have a cat scan done, as well as have the staples put into his head.” 

“We are really trying to get him tickets for Game 3 or 4 at the very least. It would be unreal because his birthday was ruined.”

Kyle is awaiting his medical bill from the ordeal and says he does not know how much it will be. Now back home in Ontario, he went to Oshawa General Hospital on Sunday for a checkup.

Based on his tweet after realizing many fans were talking about his story, it appears Kyle’s sense of humor is intact.


Some might still be suspicious that Kyle or his friends instigated their own attack. One user on Reddit however, claims to have sat near Kyle and his group, and that they did no such thing. 


Kyle doesn’t know what his medical bill will be, but I would really like to find a way to get it paid for. Having to pay for being the victim of an unprovoked attack doesn’t sit right.

Many are pushing for Kyle to get tickets to a Leafs home playoff game, including our buddies over at

  • Killawatt

    I’m glad the guy is OK. It goes without saying that nobody deserves to be physically harmed at a sporting event.

    In saying that, you have to protect yourself when you are an away fan. People are drinking, tempers and emotions will flare up. Especially in a place like Boston or Philly. They should have a much better security presence after these games but in my experience they don’t. My advise to anybody going to the games is to watch your ass if the Leafs win. Unfortunately your cheering and joy can be translated as rubbing it into the Boston fans and blood will boil.

  • craig maxwell

    I agree with what @UnknownComic is saying. I always hear stories like this coming out of Boston in general.
    Now I think the fuel into the fire for this situation was when the Bruins fans rallying point “Thank you Kessel.” was ironically voided that night by a game winning goal coming from his stick, which may have pushed a few more than likely drunk fans over the edge.
    But it just seems like Boston sports fans get pushed over that edge a little bit easier than most other places.

  • craig maxwell

    Bruins fans appear to have some odd emotional need to mock and deride the opponent rather than cheer their own team.

    Somehow, they feel by belittling the opponent, they can puff out their chests more? It starts with their Management constantly complaining about “embellishment”, to their media who have no problem attacking opponents with editorial pieces. The Boston fan then takes their cues and applies it to situations like this one.

    As a Vancouver fan, I saw it lots in the finals. Had some Indian friends also attend 2 games in the finals and they were endlessly subject to racial taunts while in the stands.

    Here’s the same group that chanted “flopper” to Raymond while he laid on the ice with a broken back.

    No, it’s not all Bruins fans, but there is definately something there

  • craig maxwell

    As a Bostonian and a Bruins fan I feel like I should apologize for this douche. Needless to say, whoever this gutless jack-ass is, he is not representative of the fanbase. Good luck tonight guys and I wish Kyle the best.

  • craig maxwell

    Lets remember not all hockey fans of any team are as classless as the guy who assaulted our fan(s), it’s always that one group of hooligans who are too drunk for their own good & possibly don’t give a crap about the actual game/sport…but this does really disgust me. Hope they find the plug that did this. Speedy recovery to Kyle.

  • craig maxwell

    Where is a link or anything where it can be donated? I’m a Leafs fan and posted the link on facebook, a Bruins friend of mine posted this on my facebook.

    No one deserves to be treated like that at a hockey game. A true Bruins fan wouldn’t do that to anyone no matter what shirt they are wearing. Toronto played great and deserved that win. If there is a website for donations to pay his bill let me know and I will pass it around to some real fans. As a Bruins fan I would like to apologize for this and hopefully all the fighting stays on the ice.

  • craig maxwell

    Have Kyle check with the state law agency’s. Some states will cover medical bills for persons that are victims of violent crimes. My brother was assaulted in Florida and the state paid his medical bills.

  • craig maxwell

    Hey, horrible to hear that happened to you, especially on your birthday 🙁 the Leafs-Habs game on the 27th of February was my birthday… At least they won yours :p Just making a joke, I can’t believe someone would do that. I’d hope no Toronto fan would act so horribly.

  • craig maxwell

    If the Leafs have any good PR people they’ll come through with 2 tix somewhere in the building, or maybe someone can’t make it to the game, or someone with a box can invite him and a friend. Be nasty to Boston fans, but no hitting. Remember we’re Canadians, we’re the nice guys!

  • craig maxwell

    After all the good things being said about Boston Strong, it only takes one mindless coward to tarnish this image.

    Lets hope that all the Leafs fans going to the game tonight cheer loud and proud but show travelling fans some respect no matter what the score line is at the end of the game.

    • marinonwo

      Saying one degenerate Bruins fan tarnished the entire “Boston Strong” image may be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Ask the victims if they feel the same.

    • frankiology

      How does one coward at a sporting event relate to Boston’s response to a terrorist attack? This incident is unfortunate, and I hope Kyle gets plenty of restitution, but your point is outlandish and in extremely poor taste.

  • frankiology

    That’s awful – spoils the birthday and the win for the poor guy. It just seems ridiculous that people don’t realise once the game is in the books it’s done; but sadly that’s the case here.

    Keep us posted, Steve. Hope that Kyle gets those tickets.

    • marinonwo

      I am from MA and I want to say I am so sorry about the behavior of a few dumb asses. Not all Boston fans do what they did to u and speaking for Boston Bruin fans we are very very sorry. Hope u feel well soon and good luck with those tickets. Have your friend start a fund to help with your bill I am sure you will get what you need. Get well soon