LGD – Game 40: Sabres @ Leafs – Arms race

Three days without hockey, and when they give it back to you, they also give you the potential for a Jerred Smithson line with Frazer McLaren and Colt Knorr. Hardly makes it worth it. Smithson, McLaren and Knorr would be touched up by most of the top lines at the World Junior Championships this week,…


Marlies Bulldogs Recap

The Air Canada Centre may be home to the Toronto  Maple Leafs, but they don’t exactly have exclusivity. The building was originally designed for the Raptors, the Rock remind us all that Lacrosse is a thing that exists, and tons of music acts make a temporary home out of the building throughout the year. Heck,…


Happy Holidays Nations

    About this time last year we at the Nations were trying to figure out a way to make the seemingly endless lock-out interesting (and to keep the lights on as our advertisers fled in terror). Flash forward 12 months and we’re bigger than ever after adding Brian Sutherby, Daily Faceoff and getting JetsNation…


Merry Christmas to the fine readers of TLN

I was planning on a Christmas post entitled “A Christmas Carlyle”, which told the story of a scrooge of a Maple Leafs coach, visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve and was compelled to perpetually scratch his goons and give more minutes and responsibilities to the talented Jake Gardiner, Morgan Rielly, and Peter Holland. The…


Leafs postgame – No intent to blow; Leafs lose 2-1 in shootout at MSG

 Has David Clarkson ever been photographed standing up? For the second consecutive game, the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in a shootout. For the second consecutive game, they were probably lucky to get a point in the first place, albeit under completely different circumstances. Toronto was again out-shot heavily, this time at Madison Square Garden, and…


My Leafs Nation Christmas Wish List

With Christmas upon us I wanted to leave the big guy, (Santa Claus, not Dustin Byfuglien) my wish list: Randy Carlyle – The first thing Carlyle needs is a toaster that works. He also needs a healthy Dave Bolland and an offence that produces more than two goals per game. He needs to have all…


LGD – Game 39: Leafs @ Rangers – Tis the season for poem parodies

Twas the night before the Christmas break when heard through the din Some creatures called Leafs fans, all hoping for one more win The jerseys were hung in the visitors locker room with care Back home in Toronto, the streets were icy and bare People snug in their houses, with hot chocolate and Leafs snuggies…


#SEAofBLUE 24/7 Aftershow Ep 2

  THE 24/7 AFTERSHOW IS BACK OMGZ!!!1!! I’m flying solo on this one (damn ice storm) and I recap Episode 2 of HBO 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs. Swear jars? Naz and Sid? REIMER AND CARLYLE STUFF HEATING UP!!! Here we go.