Canada finally announced their 2014 roster for the Sochi Olympics, and without a doubt the biggest surprise is Claude Giroux not making the team.

There are eleven returning players on the 25-man roster, but in my eyes Rick Nash continues to be the most overrated player in the NHL. Nash has had one 70-point season, and since the 2010 Olympics he has scored 185 points in 228 games, 25th most amongst Canadian-born players. In that same time span Marty St.Louis has scored the most points, 271, while Giroux is third with 255.

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Nash has only two goals in 16 NHL playoff games, but Hockey Canada seems to put more onus on the fact he has played well at the water-downed World Championships.

Nash did play okay at the last Olympics, but how much of that was because he was on Toews line, and Toews was the best player in the tournament.

Nash has 18 points in 27 games this year. No one can say he is playing well, or close to the level of Claude Giroux, but Hockey Canada choose him because he’s played for them before. I guess Giroux should not play crappier in the NHL so his team could miss the playoffs and he can pad his stats at the World Championships.

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Here is the roster, returning players have **.


  • Roberto Luongo**
  • Carey Price
  • Mike Smith


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  • Jay Bouwmeester
  • Drew Doughty**
  • Dan Hamuis
  • Duncan Keith**
  • Alex Pietrangelo
  • PK Subban
  • Marc-Edouard Vlasic
  • Shea Weber**


  • Jamie Benn
  • Patrice Bergeron**
  • Jeff Carter
  • Sidney Crosby**
  • Matt Duchene
  • Ryan Getzlaf**
  • Chris Kunitz
  • Patrick Marleau**
  • Rick Nash**
  • Corey Perry**
  • Patrick Sharp
  • Steven Stamkos
  • John Tavares
  • Jonathan Toews**

I still believe Canada is the favourite, because of the blueline and their top-six forwards; Crosby, Tavares, Stamkos, Getzlaf, Perry and Toews.

It will be an awesome tournament and I can’t wait to watch, but picking Nash over Giroux makes little sense. Essentially they are basing it on seven good games that happened four years ago. Horrible decision.

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Which decision surpised you?


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    • Colin.S

      Exactly zero players the age of the Oilers “gods” made it, so don’t get too excited.

      Remember when we traded JBo for spare parts. Good riddance JFeaster.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Honestly, I think Hall should’ve made the team. I think he’s better than Marleau, and Kunitz is only there because Crosby is. He might not be a defensive stalwart, but he’s Olympic calibre.

      • piscera.infada

        I agree with you that Hall is Olympic calibre in terms of offensive prowess, but I would argue Marleau brings more to the team than Hall does just in terms of all-around play and experience. I mean, short tournament, you err on the side of caution. Marleau is, after all, having a pretty damn good year – in addition to having a pretty damn good year last year.

        I’m not sold on the Kunitz thing either, but I prepared myself for that one a long time ago.

        • Willi P


          Also Taylor is a little too immature when things don’t go his way and too much of a puck Hallg at times.

          Kunitz, and Hamuis are questionable. The Nash thing is a complete and utter joke.

      • Are you trolling?

        Seriously, Marleau plays the toughest competition out of anyone on Canada and I bet out of almost anyone in the NHL. He also has one of the lower OZONE starts even lower than Bergeron against tougher competition than Bergeron and he scores more points than Bergeron. That’s a huge tell of what Marleau brings to this team. He deserves to be there probably more than a lot of the selections (Cough Nash Cough). To have an inexperienced, reckless player like Hall on that team no thanks.

      • SmellOfVictory

        I agree, I think Hall should have been there as well. Mind blowing Hudler didn’t get picked.

        Too bad we couldn’t enter 2 teams. Like have a pre Olympic round robin for Countries wanting to place 2 teams & have these 2nd teams go at it & allow the top 2 to be eligible. Would love to see Canada win Gold & Silver 🙂

        Yeah I know, dream on.

        • Colin.S

          A line of Couture – J. Thorton – St. Louis is pretty close to first line on any other team in the tournament. I as well would like to see Canada’s B team in this tournament, they’d probably have a good chance at bronze.

          You could have a second line of Hall – Seguin – Giroux, a third line of Eberle – Staal – Steen as well.