Reimer starts tonight


Look at who’s getting a start between the pipes.

James Reimer is getting the starter against Carolina tonight, and in all likelihood, Jonathan Bernier will be starting against the Washington Capitals the following night on Friday. What does that mean?

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It means James Reimer play some of the best hockey of his life. That, or he stays the backup.

People jumped all over Darren Dreger this morning for calling James Reimer a backup, but at the moment that’s what he is, is he not?

Bernier has gotten most of the starts recently, and Reimer is getting Carolina in a back-to-back situation where the other team is Washington. They’re giving Reimer the "lesser" of the two teams, on paper at least. He’s the backup. For now.

But this is the NHL. Jobs are won and lost. If Bernier continues to struggle (which no Leafs fan should be cheering for, by the way), and Reimer succeeds, Carlyle would be nuts to keep Reimer riding the pine. Then again…

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Isn’t this weird? Who would have thought that this time last year James Reimer starting a game would be noteworthy?

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  • Bertly83

    I’m happy that Reimer finally gets a start.

    Not only does he have better stats then Bernier but he single handedly carried the leafs into the playoffs last year. Bernier hasn’t shown he can carry a team but has poor leadership skills and intangibles compared to Reimer. This is the point where Reimer walks away with the starting role.

  • STAN

    Reimer is more susceptible to top corner shots, but he usually covers the bottom of the net just as well as or better than Bernier.

    Carlyle has shown his pre-conceived personality in making personnel decisions from MacArthur to Grabovski to Liles. Al of them wrong. It’s as if he has no clue how to coach skilled players.

    If you need any more evidence, just see how Kadri and Raymond and Lupul have regressed under his tutelage.

    Please make a case against this opinion.

    Go Carlyle Go.

  • STAN

    “But this is the NHL. Jobs are won and lost. If Bernier continues to struggle (which no Leafs fan should be cheering for, by the way), and Reimer succeeds, Carlyle would be nuts to keep Reimer riding the pine. Then again…”

    Bernier would have to play poorly for the next 3 months for them to even consider making it a 50/50 jobshare, let alone giving Reimer the 1A job. They’ve made it clear from the beginning that they wanted Bernier to succeed regardless of how Reimer plays.

    If their performance earned them minutes, as the coaches claim, then Bernier and Reimer would be switching every game. Statistically there’s little to no difference between the two.

  • Bertly83

    Oh for the love of God…..When are you all gonna wake up…..Reimer is the number 1 Goalie,, Take Bernier and feed him to the wolfs and se how he comes out of it…he come as a back up goalie from another team that has not experience working t the NHL level and just like that you give him the reins.. he lost almost many as he’s won, he sucks in shoot out’s.. he never owns to anything never except that maybe he cost the game…Oh please he deserves to be sitting right where he will be tonight and sit there while Reimer is left to either win or loose 6 games. just like Bernier was given.. than we will see who the real Goalie is for this team…but that wont happen…after all Bernier is the anointed on by Nonis and Randy and God forbid we let nearly 3 million dollars sit on he bench….when the leafs don’t make it to the play-offs this year at least your anointed one will can take the fall this time, because with out Reimer at the Helm you don’t stand a chance in hell…

  • STAN

    After selling off some pieces,(Moulson,Miller,Ott,etc) Reimer will be a Sabre for a 1st, not the Sabre’s first but one they trade for, maybe the Isles 1st they got in the Vanak trade. Whatever the deal, Reimer to Buffalo, you heard it here first, probably.

    • Bertly83

      All I can say is NOT to even mention Brad, Bob or Pat Burns is really very very bad! But anything to do with the leafs is usually that way! They are a losing organization and always will be!! I am almost 47 years old and never have i seen them raise the cup!! lol abosultly embarising!!! And dion phenuf ?? there is a reason he is not on team Canada!! He is brutal not even worth trading! Send him to the minors!!! It will be a long time until a Canadian team wins lord stanley, little own the toronto maple leafs!!!