The worst 20 games of James Reimer’s career

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James Reimer is one of my favourite Leafs, but it doesn’t take a hater to note that Reimer is going through a rough stretch right now. After last night’s performance against Tampa Bay, Reimer is currently playing through his worst 20 games in his NHL career, save percentage-wise.

Since November 25, Reimer has stopped 520 of 584 shots for an .890 save percentage.

The bad news is that with Jonathan Bernier’s injury and Bernier’s own struggles in the early part of the 2014 calendar year, Reimer has had a multitude of opportunities to take back the net. Based on performance this season, there isn’t a great argument to keep James in the net ahead of Bernier once Bernier returns. Reimer was great in relief of Bernier against Los Angeles, but he’s been in net for three consecutive regulation losses.

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It’s not awful of course, but Reimer’s .910 save percentage on the season puts him 30th out of 44 qualified goaltenders on To win, the Leafs need excellent goaltending, and Reimer’s numbers have been average this season. Reimer’s .924 even strength save percentage paints a better picture, but he’s still well back of Bernier’s .935.

Worst is that Darren Dreger speculated on the panel last night that Reimer will ask for a trade this summer. Scott Lewis at the Score suggested that “Reimer is a very good goaltender, but he’s going to be someone else’s very good goaltender.”

You begin to get the sense that regardless of how Reimer plays from here on out, the Leafs will be going to trade him this summer, and that’s a bit of a shame. It’s unfortunate that Reimer has waited until this crucial point in his career to struggle, but his numbers over 20 games have probably been a better indicator of noise than skill.

Nate Silver’s book The Signal and the Noise had a chapter that discussed the stock market trading online in depth, and how inefficiently people try to predict the market:

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Gallup and other polling organizations periodically survey Americans on whether they think it is a good time to buy stocks. Historically, there has been a strong relationship between these numbers and stock market performance—but the relationship runs in the exact opposite direction of what sound investment strategy would dictate. Americans tend to think it’s a good time to buy when price-to-earnings ratios are inflated and stocks are overpriced. The highest figure that Gallup ever recorded in their survey was in January 2000, when a record high of 67 percent of Americans thought it was a good time to invest. Just two months later, the NASDAQ and other stock indices began to crash. Conversely, only 26 percent of Americans thought it was a good time to buy stocks in February 1990—but the S&P 500 almost quadrupled in value over the next ten years.

It’s interesting because goaltenders tend to behave the same way as the stock market. If you’re in a fantasy hockey keeper league, you could make a killing by trading away good goalies and trading for struggling goalies, simply because fans genuinely expect good performance to continue without factoring in regression.

It’s testable. Yahoo has stored all the compiled results of goaltenders drafted in its fantasy hockey leagues from the start of the season. Some notable names, along with their average pick number, and league rank in save percentage:

  • 6.5 – Tuukka Rask (3rd)
  • 7.7 – Henrik Lundqvist (15th)
  • 13.7 – Pekka Rinne (NR)
  • 16.5 – Antti Niemi (22nd)
  • 20.8 – Jonathan Quick (24th)
  • 23.7 – Craig Anderson (31st)
  • 26.8 – Sergei Bobrovsky (14th)
  • 65.7 – Cam Ward (42nd)
  • 115.7 – Josh Harding (1st)
  • 136.8 – James Reimer (30th)
  • 151.7 – Jonathan Bernier (7th)
  • 168.1 – Ben Bishop (5th)

ESPN has a ranking of goaltenders compromising of their fantasy hockey statistics. Among its top 20 goaltenders, six of them: Cam Talbot, Ben Scrivens, Alex Stalock, Anton Khudobin, Martin Jones and Frederik Andersen, were not even among the 41 most-drafted goaltenders over at Yahoo.

Ultimately, nobody saw Ben Bishop coming this season, and Bishop may win the Vezina Trophy. A year ago, Sergei Bobrovsky, who was traded out of Philadelphia for nothing, caught fire and won the Vezina Trophy. Bobrovsky’s .932 save percentage and 2.00 goals against average have turned to a .919 and a 2.49 this season, which is still better than the .899 and 3.02 he posted his final year in Philly.

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Nobody, especially hockey fans, really know what to expect from goaltenders. Reimer’s previous worst 20-game streak was followed up by a .918. 19 of those games came at the start of the 2013 season, his best season as a starter which came after he finished the 2012 season on a real low note.

Reimer’s best 20-game stretch? He posted a .942 between April 6 2013 and November 23 2013.

Reimer’s next 20 games would be his worst 20 games ever.

20 games don’t make a goalie.

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  • Lupul4Captain


    the whole Leafs Organization sucks big time and don’t deserve Reimer……

    I have never seen one player anywhere in the whole NHL who has been disamated as much as Reims, SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!

    This is un-called for and not sportmanship at any level, no player deserves this kind of abuse and the sad part is Reims is being blamed for all that has happened since the LA Kings win last week….I didn’trealize that Hockey was a one person sport I thought it consisted of a Coach a Trainer, a GM, a Team and fans.. Well to take all this crap and throw it at one player is disgraceful and shouldn’t be accepted behaviour….

    Reimer started this season with a bang and considering what was tossed at him with Bernier coming over knowing that his job was alreadt giving to him, there never was a “it is his job to loose, or they are 1a and 1 b or “u win your in…a load of crap it was always Bernier and RC was nothing but a liar from day one….He’s a horrible Coach with no heart and cares only about what he wants not what’s good for this team…he was FIRED remember he didn’t leave of his own free will.. The team is a disgrace, the team favours Bernier no problem, but at this stage in the game does it not make since to suck it up and for once in your frigging lives play at a competing level of play???? doesn’t make sense to throw all the loses on Reimer, he was the only one in there battleing for his team for his life, and what does the team do,” we only play with Bernier but we’ll try to make it look like we have confidence in Reimer”


    SO it comes down too, there is teams looking for someone likes Reims, who sees the crap thrown his way, sees how this organization has caused his confidence to fade and his short brilliant career spiril with it, and looks at all the stats since hes played and sees that yes there’s some things that need tuning up but all fixible with a great Goalie Trainer and a team and coach that will stand and support their Goalies not just one that is the favorite he will find a great new start and will come back a whole different Goalie on a team that will face this patheic Leafs. team and shove it down your throats

    • Lupul4Captain

      Reimer single handily took Leafs to game 7. The collapse had nothing to do with goaltending but more to do with raw team, and horrible coaching! Where was the time out? The leafs cant win with this defensive system. So instead of blaming the coach they blame “ok” goaltending. Maybe Leafs can make trade Carlyle for Eakins like they should’ve done from start. Carlyle has run mac, Grabo and Reimer is next which should’nt of happened

  • Lupul4Captain

    I think his head just isn’t in it he is stellar last year leads the team to the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade and is then supplanted by another guy. If that was me my heart wouldn’t be in it. What more does a guy have to do? I genuinely don’t blame him!

    • Lupul4Captain

      Let me check, no to short with curves to be his alter-ego..just hate seeing a good person wronged is all…
      Hang in Reims, it will get better…..have that faith it’s what keeps you who you are….don’t quit on us, we aren’t on you……….the door will open in a better organization,,,,Let Bernier go down with this team hes welcomed to them and they to him…

  • Lupul4Captain

    Too many Reimer haters. First their is generaly leaf bashing, then you bash Orr, then Bozak, then Clarkson, then you bash Phaneuf and now you bash Reimer.

    So after the playoffs, I imagine you will have the knife out for Kessel.