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Now most of my hockey fantasies include Jordan Eberle, a bottle of sherry, a roaring fire and a DVD of All Dogs Go To Heaven. So when I heard about a video called the Fantasy Minute I was understandably excited.

Today we are introducing the Fantasy Minute but be forewarned – it’s about fantasy hockey not necessarily fantasies about hockey. Oh and the mega babe host. No big deal.

*cackles wildly*

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    • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

      hot babes get hotter when they’re smart

      Fixed. You welcome.

      Edit: What?? No! I didn’t write “smart”! I was basically saying the exact opposite of that…

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Fantasy Hockey………..Ammmmmmm………I will try and behave myself. Now is there any chance we could have Ashley interview Hall, Ebs, and RNH.

    I would like to see some professional hockey player drool!

  • vetinari

    Wanye resurfaces???? I thought that he was in witness protection or something… as for the fantasy minute, how many Oilers should I pick up for my playoff draft? The dude running it tells me that I can have them all and they’ll let me enter at half the normal price– sweet or what!!!

  • toprightcorner

    This is too good to be true!

    Wanye speaking to a girl in a interview without being slapped is the first warning sign that this is all a trick.

    Pretty girl doing sports videos?? Can it be real?

    It’s not April 1st yet is it?

    • You’d be surprised how hot alot of the Octane dancers are (just check out the Octane calendar). The Oilers just down-dress the girls to keep it “family” for bible-belt Albertans. If they performed dressed like Dallas Stars Ice Girls it’d be over inside a minute.

  • If you want REAL video success, all you have to do is strap a Go-Pro to Wanye’s head the next time the ON boys head to a game. Wanye tossing beers down, poking Jeanshorts all night long, ogling certain pro ice hockey players who wear the number 14 and trying to pick up the hot 50/50 lady?

    GUARANTEED stardom!

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    “Big Ten” network?
    I think someone misspelled “Ten” by a couple of letters.
    Oh, pardon, I’m sure she got the gig b/c of all the years she spent grinding in some backwater covering high school volleyball. And not b/c of her looks.
    It must be depressing to be a teenage girl.


    I really, really, want the Oilers to be a hockey team again.

    However, there are some facts we need to realize and not hold onto old hopes and glories.

    The facts are:

    1) The worst team in the NHL over the past 14 years, coinciding with Kevin Lowe’s arrival on the scene.

    2) The majority of what Lowe has done includes Mac T. They are joined at the Hip. They are a team.

    3) As was quoted from a friend of mine who works in the NHL, will not give any more information. “The Oilers are a recycle plant for all the NHL garbage. This is well known in the NHL and there is no respect for the management of that team.”

    4) The major sports industry magazine in North America voted the Oilers the worst managed team of all major professional sports teams (NHL, NBA, NFL, Soccer, Baseball).

    So, here are the facts. There are two things to consider getting free agents to Edmonton. The most obvious, the players. Second, their agents, which are equally important because they want to protect their financial assets.

    The agents, who make their lifelong paycheck from advising and negotiating for players that play an average of 3 to 5 years in the league are well seasoned in the “business”.

    So, If the agents look at the Oilers. They want to maximize the economics of the player, but also the future value of their asset. This includes development, and the “winning” factor which will affect future negotiations.

    Because of the Oilers recent 14 year record. The agents look at the Oilers as the “team of last resort” in their recommendations to their players. If two teams are bidding for a player with equal money. Do you go to a winning team or the Oilers if you are an agent? That is easy.

    The only way to correct the problem is a culture and leadership change within the Oilers organization so a “fresh slate” can be developed with the players and agents.

    This will not be accomplished with Lowe, Mac T, Smith, Buchburger et al.

    We need a complete change, otherwise the NHL recycle team for NHL garbage will continue to be very good at what it has been for 14 years. Losing.

  • Burnward

    “Ashley: Well Wanye, I used to be the host of the Yahoo Sports Minute which got 22 million views monthly. This made me the most watched female sports reporter in the world from 2008-2010.”


  • A-Mc

    This is a great Addition.. but it’s a little late in the season dont you think?

    In the 2 fantasy leagues i’m in, i’ve already finished up the Head to Head one, and the other one is nearly done now that most teams are just over 10 games left to play..

    Next season though.. Ooooohhh Look out! ASHLEY ON THE ATTACK

  • BobbyCanuck

    Just curious, based on the last forum thread, indications would have it that

    Bolt Van Der Huge and majin_oil would consider this lass rather plain, perhaps on the same level as our ice girls?

    Don’t flame me, don’t diss me. I am just wondering that is all, please let me know