The Steve Dangle Podcast – March 30, 2014 – Sitting duck

In this episode, Steve & Chris talk about where the Leafs go from here, the future of the team, and issue an open invitation to Steve Simmons.

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  • DrewBrewsky

    Come on Dangle what is with the habs love fest. You have been bashing the leafs all season for a poor corsi and now you want the 6th worst corsi team and another statistical anomaly who will qualify for the playoffs to do well in the cup race?

    For the love of Pete you support Therrien and can’t get behind Carlyle. Parros must be the best facepuncher and Orr is just a terrible person. Gleason is terrible but wow that Murray is such great defenceman for the habs. You love PK Subban but what about some playoff success for Rielly, Gardiner and Phaneuf.
    Seriously are you trolling leaf fans here??

    And how did the advanced stats bloggers prediction go about the habs missing the playoffs with such a poor corsi? Wait you guys love Habs maybe the leafs should copy Therrien hockey system then. Pukes!

    • I support Therrien? Huh? You made that up. We’ve talked about him on the podcast before and it wasn’t a glowing review.

      They’re a fun, exciting team to watch. Hey – when the Leafs are on, they’re fun and exciting, too. I find the Oilers and Jets exciting. Doesn’t mean they’re good. They also don’t have a Norris winner or Carey Price.

      And who the hell says “for the love of Pete” anymore? Are you a gold prospector?

  • DrewBrewsky

    Reimer is better then Bernier because
    1. Reimer owns the leafs club record for SV%
    2. Reimer carried the leafs into the playoffs

    Let’s stop bashing Reimer and put some statistical analysis and focus on how awful choke prone Bernier is.

    BTW Simmons may be pointing to the fact the last two nights, the leafs were near or above 50% corsi and shots. Simmons was right the reason the leafs won was Bernier is a terrible CHOKE goaltender and not as much do with being outshot for which they were not.

  • Do you truelly believe Montreal and their crappy corsi going to do anything in playoffs? They are like boudreu* caps win a ton in season get killed in playoffs. This team is as good as price takes them. And on a side note can we somehow offer Scotty Bowman a job with the leafs they are rich enough. If Phil Jackson will go to Knicks Bowman can here.

  • Let’s be fair, the Oilers are exciting because you don’t know how they’re going to punch their fans in the gut. You could say that about just about any of the Canadian teams this season, but the Oilers really take it up to 11.


  • DrewBrewsky

    It really seems like the leafs management have a real short memory. Like how Burke thought he could do quick fixes via Finger, Komisarek, Liles, Beauchemin on defence. Now we have similar issues with the Clarkson signing, Grabovski buy out, the jury is still out on Gleason and Holland. But I’m thinking Carlyle is having too much sway on the GM judging by the type of players we’re seeing…

    I wonder if Carlyle wasn’t humbled enough when the players in Anaheim gave up on him. MacArthur, Grabovski, Kadri are all very skilled players. MacArthur is showing consistency in Ottawa, granted Grabovski hasn’t been as dominant in Wash, and Kadri is treading water. But these highly skilled players didn’t exactly respond well to Carlyle (especially in that shortened season), only Kadri is still around and I doubt its because he had a choice. Having that two way second line isn’t happening with the type of talent present, Lupul, Kadri, and Raymond. The bottom six has stability in Mclement, Bolland who have leadership and experience to keep lesser players in line (Clarkson, Orr, Mclaren and whoever comes from the Marlies).

    The Defence isn’t too far gone. I believe in Phaneuf, althought not with recent play, but he is compensating for a poor team against the top lines. I insist it is a psychology issue. It is compensation and that manifests internally, and shows externally by bad decisions. Phaneuf can’t play in the moment and tries to compensate by overthinking things or predict plays rather than scan and see them develop. He is not an ideally cerebral player, not to say he is stupid, but that’s not the kind of thinking he should be doing on the ice. Thinking takes too much time on the ice, so scanning and reacting is what saves you, or focusing on things outside of yourself. He can do it, we’ve seen it before, just not consistently. And having a losing streak and the media on your ass will cause you to be more conscious than ever before on the ice. He is a stud, but the other studs of Gardiner and Rielly, aren’t going to help in the defensive department just yet.