Making Money gets you Hockey Things

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That’s something we talk a
lot about when it comes to the Leafs, isn’t it? It makes sense. For one,
they’re the most valuable team in hockey. Beyond that, the Leafs have the
biggest and most passionate fans in the entire league. That means we want to
know all about who’s getting signed or traded, what their cap hit is, and what
cartoon character they chose to name their dog after.

But how about your money?

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If you’re anything like me,
you probably use it to buy a lot of Leafs stuff. The other day I got a
pizza-cutter with a goal horn on it. It lights up and makes sounds and
everything! It’s the most advanced piece of technology I’ve ever owned! But
alas, nobody has written a post about me getting a massive seven-year contract
with the Leafs yet. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m a
terrible hockey player but I’m not sure.

Enter Scotiabank.


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Scotiabank has partnered with and the rest of The Nation Network to bring you a chance to
make your money do hockey things for you.

“Hockey things? I love
those!” you may have just exclaimed inappropriately loudly in a public place.

I know! I love hockey things,

Well my fellow hockey-loving
friend, you do not need a giant deal with the Leafs in order for your money to
do hockey things for you.

The new ScotiaHockey NHL Debit
and VISA cards
help you do hockey things with
your money!

First of all, you can get the team of your choice
on the card, therefore making you and your wallet instantaneously look
significantly more baller. Obviously you’ll choose the Leafs because you’re not
an awful person, or worse, a Sens fan.

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Second, with every purchase, you’re entered to win the
Scotiabank Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest and a whole bunch of cool
hockey prizes like NHL swag and more.


Check this out: earlier
this year there was a grand prize of tickets to the Bridgestone Winter Classic,
along with tickets to the alumni game as well, attendance of the New Year’s Eve
party, and a skate on the ice at the Big House. Imagine winning that grand
prize and being there! Personally, I would have asked to wear Felix Potvin’s
mask and touch Lanny McDonald’s moustache.

With the Winter Classic
in the rearview mirror however, the new grand prizes include tickets to the
2014 Stanley Cup Final, and also tickets to the
2014 NHL Face-Off game.

All you need is a Scotiabank account, in good
standing, with one of those snazzy ScotiaHockey NHL Debit or VISA cards, and
your beautiful selves. That’s all. Whenever you make purchases using those
cards, you are entered in to win those grand prizes and more.

Sound difficult? It’s not. I was able to open a
Scotia chequing account with ease in just a few short minutes – this coming from a guy who can be seen wearing an Optmius Prime mask and regularly slapping himself on YouTube.

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It costs nothing to sign up, and it can make your
money do Leafs and hockey things for you. I like all of those things.

For more information on the ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card and the Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest, you should click here.

If you really want to see NHL fandom at its finest – and funniest, check out this ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card video.

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