LFR7 – Game 79 – Pavelectric – Wpg 4, Tor 2

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 11.16.10 AM

Was this James Reimer or Randy Carlyle’s last game with the Leafs in Toronto?

Plus it’s video 1,000! Time for some big news!

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Steve Simmons is wrong

Post Game

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey, congratulations, Steve! 1,000. Nice landmark.

    You’re welcome.

    Just sorry that you won’t get some Leaf videos in the playoffs — last year was fun. There was a point at which I actually thought that Carlyle might have been watching after he adjusted his roster (in fact, he was adapting to injuries… but that’s another story).

  • jaysly

    Relatively new visitor here but I can honestly say that your videos are why I signed up. Very original and entertaining as well as informative. Congratulations on the sponsor and 1000 videos.

    The team is going to need a major overhaul this off season. It is going to be interesting. In regards to the long term success of this hockey club, would it not be in the best interest of the Leafs to tank this upcoming season and draft #1 McDavid?

  • Can you show me that advanced stats are useful by showing how and who to choose as next coach and GM? Please have a better answer then intangible character, reputation and cup wings though using win/loss or corsi stats also depend on the quality of the team.

  • Congrats on 1K and on the sponsorship. I’m happy for you, I really am. But, I’m to depressed about the Leafs to show any rah rah. BOTH! RC and Reimer are gone, only one deserves to be exiled but there are both gone. If he stays look for Kadri and Gardiner to be traded for some magic beans, or Clark Macarthur or something. Much is wrong with this team, the entire coaching staff has to go, if not Nono too! Bolland, FML, Orr, and Franson are done for this team, if we’re smart because we have replacements on the Marlies for everyone one of those players, save Bolland (Abbott?)

  • as vince carter would say, ITS OVA!

    man it hurts, but tbh, whats the difference, we have no chance of winning the cup with things the way they currently are.

    we have to get rid of carlyle, and I’d like to see nonis too. I really did believe in carlyle, but his coaching style clearly has a shelf life on a team, and this team is no longer buying in.

    i think the real question is, who should the next coach be? Spott? or is there any other big name up and comers in the AHL or CHL people should know about (i’m personally hoping for my hometown moooseheads coach, hes phenomenal, and hopefully has the moose going to mem cup back to back years). But ussually theres a coach that is quite obviously getting a job in the NHL next season, none seem to come to mind this year