Playoff LFR: Wild shutdown, Subban turnt up

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 10.18.08 AM

PK Subban turns it up and the Minnesota Wild shut it down.

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  • I always liked Weise when he was on Vancouver – he seemed like a guy who wasn’t content to just be a fourth-line goon, but who believed he could work his way up to being a middle-six guy and score some goals.

  • I’m so glad that you decided to make (almost daily) playoff LFRs; I love these! That being said, if you have just cursed the Habs or the safety of P.K., as a Habs fan, I may have to burn you as a witch.

    There are too many narratives created by various players around the league and media members when it comes to Subby. Even with the 24CH cameras rolling, showing everyone what a great guy he is, and his own teammates saying positive things about him, there are those that will use him for page views and controversy. And out of everyone, the person who handles it all the best is P.K. himself.

    • Glad you like the videos! Today will be the 20th playoff one I think.

      People need to get past some stuff about Subban. Alright – dislike the guy, get annoyed by the guy, whatever. But you need to give credit where it’s due, I think.

  • leaf fan so new to pk subban but been watching all the playoff hockey i can handle. Subban deserves the praise hes getting. hes on fire. but also its a team pulling together Price has been amazing. Credit to the Habs there doing great so far. And being Canadas only hope here i am proud and supporting them, yes even a leaf fan.