LFR: Carlyle Extended

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The Leafs extended my insanity for two years. Also Randy Carlyle.

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  • AnthonyV

    The worst thing about extending Carlyle is that I need to listen to more of the fancy stats re-purposed content about the leafs terrible corsi. How Clarkson and Bozak sucks. How Phaneuf is not a good captain. How Kessel is too fat and soft. Reimer’s weak glove hand. You guys need better better narratives as these stories are stale.

  • CashGameND

    Absolutely right.

    The Grabovski buyout proved just how profoundly stupid the Leafs management is. Now that it’s clear that Shanahan isn’t going to clean this mess up anytime soon I’m not sure I’m capable of giving a damn what this team does anymore.

  • CashGameND

    Lol i love this move to keep carlyle, hes a very establish coach and obviously most of his record breaking shots allowed were from the outside and were also intentional. I mean cmon, replacing gardiner and kadri for two tough checkers will be a great idea. I mean both of these players dare to show skkkk ….. skkkkillllll i mean how dare they. Instead playing orr and mclaren in ur 4th line is genius. Its also genius to sign bolland into a 100 million dollar deal. I mean god, what genius. Overall, kadri and gardiner sux, corsi sux, having skills sux, not checking sux and having mimiconians on ur team is genius!!!!!

  • Extended two years…its just money and the Leafs have lots of that. Didn’t Ron Wilson get an extension and how long did he stay after that?

    Some of the potential future may be revealed when we see Carlyle’s new staff. If they are Detroit guys, well that might mean Carlyle is just a place holder for Babcock.

    If there are one or more Marlie guys (Gord Dineen, Derek King or Steve Spott) then they might be thinking about bringing in Spott as head coach if Carlye’s team flounders, but want to give Spott more time before pushing him into the role of an NHL coach.

    If both Marlie and Detroit guys show up as Carlyle’s new staff then Shananhan is keeping his options open…and that’s my guess on what they do. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Gord Dineen along with Chelios or Chris Draper behind the bench with Carlyle.

    All Carlyle’s extension means is that he still has more authority and security than some of his players: Franson, Kulemin, etc.

  • Steve, the ending. So true that it hurts. I had some funny things to joke about in my comments but I think I’m going to leave it at ignoring this team til the playoffs next year (to see if they made it in or not) or until there are coach and GM firings.

    I mean I can try to ignore this tire fire I call my beloved leafs, right? right? oooohhhhhh, look there’s a tire fire! look at it burn! it’s so warm!!!!

    I need leaf rehab and a leaf 12 step program.

  • When I heard Steve’s story it was like game 7. There was something Bruin in my stomach (hey look play on words) and then like in game 7, totally S_ _ _ the bed.

    So with Carlyle we can assume (sorry Steve) Reimer and Kulemin will be gone. And depending on Randy’s mood that morning you can add Kadri and Gardiner. And for an extra dash of salt in your wound, what does this mean for a Komarov return?

    • Maybe Sandy Randy will trip over hislame brain and not be able to return to dig the Leafs into another deep hole?? nah that won’t happen, but its a thought..I said before that this team with all the same crap won’t be going anywhere again this coming season….

      As for my man Reimer, I’m cheering for him in the Worlds,,,hoping he shows everyone the old Reimer and that it was never him that lost this play off chance…GO REIMS GO!!!! and than he will be awesome once again…and I hope he can shove it all down Sandy Randy’s throat