The playoffs are well under way as is the Nation Drafts playoffs pool, and it seems as though there are new names on the leaderboard every week.  Either that’s a sign that we’re all geniuses or that the players we’ve chosen are choking at all world levels.  You’d have to think, at this point, anyone that picked Rick Nash is about ready to punch him in the mouth, right? In the very least, Nash has more opportunity to score than my champion pick Chris Kelly! Although, Rick Nash only has 4 assists which is not too far off from Chris Kelly’s broken leg production. LONG LIVE CHRIS KELLY!

The Leaders

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Dear MoFos, I need you to teach me your wisdoms. You’ve been on the leaderboard for a while now, so I can only assume you sacrificed a virgin to get these mystical playoff powers.  You’ve got the type of consistency that only a Red Wings fan would come to expect. I’d also like to give a shout out to Rammertime for having a team name that reminds me of what a 13 year old would call a backseat jam. 

One thing that bums me out is as the rounds go on, there are fewer and fewer games on every day. The Oiler fan in me will be kind of happy when the playoffs are over so that no one has anything to cheer for. Selfish? Yes I am. We’ll always have the draft though, am I right?

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LOOK WHO’S CLIMBING UP THE STANDINGS! Last week, I was in the mid-200s and today I’m sitting pretty in 178. Oh the sweet taste of mediocrity is washing over me! Let me take a moment to bask in the glory of my successes. Sure I may never get in the ballpark of winning anything, but I’m beating some of you and that’s good enough for me… and maybe a participation ribbon.


Dear Boston/Habs Series,

To this point, you have been one of the greatest series in the playoffs. I love the hatred and taunting of each other and I hope it continues. Also, PK Subban is a warlord and I love him dearly. As such, I hate Montreal fans for being able to watch him all season long. 

Thank you,


P.P.S. – New Nation Gear

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There are new Nation Gear designs up on the Nations Store! Not only are the designs fresh, they’re cheap enough to be affordable to all… unless you’re a Flames or Canucks fans. You guys get no shirts, but it’s only because we hate you. Sorry about that. *not sorry at all*

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