Mailbag: Tha Catchup II


The good thing about today? I managed to take care of so many day-to-day errands that I can’t actually remember most of the day’s events. The not so good thing? It’s 10:44 AM and I’m about to do my second mailbag in three days. It sucks, I know, but at least we’re getting to the bottom of the inbox. Besides, I’m hoping to get our first Wayback Wednesday post in a while up tomorrow, so that will be something, right?

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Just for funzies, If the Leafs and the Marlies completely swapped rosters next season, what would happen in both leagues? (You can answer with or without swapping coaching teams, whatever.)

Lets Debbie Downer this right away; the NHL Marlies would not get enough cap relief to allow them to add players to get them anywhere above 30th place. There’s a lot of supplementary guys on that team, and many will find NHL jobs some day, but the blue-chip talent is lacking.

As for the AHL Leafs, they’d be screwed. The AHL has a rule stating that 12 skaters in every game’s roster must have fewer than 260 professional games played (NHL+AHL+top level Europe). The Leafs had three players with 20+ games this year who qualified under this: Jerry D’Amigo (who is now at 262), Peter Holland (still eligible next year), and Morgan Rielly (who was too young for the AHL this season). The team would flat out be ineligible to play. Odds are, however, they be the best team in the league. You never know though; the Oklahoma City Barons were supposed to be world-beaters during the lockout, and while good, didn’t meet the hype.

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Who will win the Stanley Cup first, Oilers or Leafs?

The Oilers are absurdly dysfunctional, can’t get out of the basement, have zero hope on defence whatsoever, may have finally “solved their goaltending” by getting two good backups, and don’t even know what arena they’re going to play in a few years down the line. The Leafs at least have a depth chart resembling a hockey team and are teetering on mediocrity at the moment.

Oilers will win twelve years ahead.

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Tyler Bozak: does he seem like he takes long showers?

I mean, seeing as he’s rich *and* he lives at Kessel’s house, the shower system there probably shoots out champagne instead of water, and has a waterproof Xbox. So, yes.

Do you think Carlyle knows he’s toast?

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Undo one Leafs move made in the last 10 years.

I would have never played Jeremy Williams in the organization ever again after he scored his third goal, on his third shot, in his third season. It could have been one of the greatest “what if” things in the history of the organization. Instead we got confirmation of a minor leaguer with a small sample size.

What return, if any, could the Leafs get for Joffrey Lupul?

Three hundred and sixty eight suits and majority ownership in HMV. 

I think he’s still in that “prospects and draft picks” level of value, or possibly a player with less perceived immediate skill but a potential upside. His “sell high” peak was probably two trade deadline’s ago, but I’m sure there’s a team that sees him as a positive asset right now.

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  • Thanks for answering, Jeffler.

    I’ve got to respectfully disagree on the “Oilers 12 years before us” bit though. I think it will take the Oilers organization a bit longer than that to forget about Gretzky. As a hockey team with a cup history, the team and the management of the team* has a tendency to get stuck on the history and conflate it with what’s happening now. I think that’s a major problem with most of the Canadian teams who have won cups in the past (the Canadiens being a belligerent, French-Canadian exception to the rule).

    *To be fair, I’m just a fan and an outsider, so I could be completely wrong about this. It’s possible the Oilers management has paid a trained hypnotist so that they all forget who Wayne Gretzky is whenever they are talking about moves for their current roster. I doubt it. But it’s possible.

  • RexLibris

    I also find it hard to believe that Edmonton will win the Cup before the Leafs, but this comment is also made looking at the current state of both organizations.

    Edmonton has done a terrible job at building a competitive team. They are like an Islanders 2.0. They are selling their young exciting players to fans but are failing to bring in players to support them (expect Ference last season). It is a shame that some of these players development will be harmed because of this and they could have kept these players in junior/AHL/Europe longer so they could develop better, and not waste their RFA years.

    Toronto has done a much better job at bringing in players to keep the NHL product competitive, some could argue this, but the Leafs resemble more of a NHL team than the Oilers. This gives TML the luxury of having players, like Kadri, develop in the AHL instead of dropping him into your top 6. It also gives shelter to the younger players by putting NHL tested and proven players ahead of them.

    Lastly, when your younger players are your better players they demand contracts to reflect the value to the team. Oilers will be in a lot of cap trouble before they have any success on-ice. Eberle, Hall, and RNH are already $6M men in their early 20s, second contracts. Schultz will probably get at least $4M (Fowler, Josi), what will Yakupov want? What will Perron want if he even wants to stay. It also takes money to lure the help they desperately need throughout the line-up. Good luck Edmonton.