LFR: The Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2014

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Pat Burns finally gets in, the Dominik Hasek debate, and #BlakeBooty. Did the Hockey Hall of Fame get this year’s class right?

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  • The other thing to remember about Hasek is that because of cold war era BS, he was (relatively speaking) OLD when he STARTED. He came to the NHL at 25 and became a starter at 29. From 1994 to 1999 he lead the league in Save % (every year!) and he was 29-34. When he was 40, he posted a .925 save percentage as starter playing 43 games, and at 41 he posted a .913 with Detroit in 53 games and won the Stanley Cup (mostly backing up Osgood after he had a rough first series, but still). Brodeur was great, but he never put up numbers like that and he certainly hasn’t been anything like his ~25-30-year-old self in his late 30s and 40s.

    Anyway, yeah, I think Hasek has a solid claim on being the best goalie of all time. His numbers are absolutely dominant, and beyond the numbers, he was just an insanely exciting goalie to watch.