Leafs Renew Affiliation With Solar Bears

Photo from orlandosolarbearshockey.com The Toronto Maple Leafs have made a decision that is part hockey, part business today, agreeing to a two year extension of their ECHL affiliation with the Orlando Solar Bears. This extension appears to also make the Leafs and Marlies their only affiliates, removing the Minnesota Wild organization from the mix.

Can Gardiner take over?

#484477733 / gettyimages.com With the Jake Gardiner contract now sorted out, the Leafs look to be just about done with their off-season activity. They’ve made a few short-term, low-risk moves that most around these parts are happy with, and handled everything else a lot better than we were expecting. It’s been a relatively positive summer. There could be a…


Mailbag: Responsenado

As I write this, the entirety of hockey twitter is fascinated with the newest version of Sharknado. I still haven’t watched the first one, because “So bad that it’s almost good. Okay, not good, but we pay attention to it anyway” is the purpose of my existence, not the plot of a movie. Everybody seems…

Leafs, Gardiner Agree on 5 Year deal

#484062069 / gettyimages.com Has this offseason left you optimistic? Excited? Confused? A combination of all three! Well, we here at TheLeafsNation.com feel the same way. Surely, the Leafs are due for a decision that completely and totally messes this run up and makes every good move made seem insignificant. Well, today isn’t the day for…

Bad penalty kill? Not to worry, we won’t have to see it as much

#185599883 / gettyimages.com The plan today was to write a forecasting piece on James Reimer and Jonathan Bernier, and what people expect going into next season. To join in, simply reply to this tweet. It’s part forecast, part experiment. I want to get the impression of how much hockey fans value something like regression to…

Leafs Sign Daniel Winnik

#479310421 / gettyimages.com The summer of depth continues, with the Toronto Maple Leafs adding yet another bottom six signing. This time, it’s 29 year old local boy Daniel Winnik, who has signed a one year deal with the team worth $1.3 million.

News and Notes: July 27th

#170810832 / gettyimages.com Dave Nonis said a couple of things this weekend! Nothing that is a hot enough take for a full article, but still worth discussing.


Mailbag: Make It Stop Edition

I know, I know. Three mailbags in four days. But there’s nothing to talk about right now, except for the 30-something Leafs questions that are somehow in my mailbox. I promise if this lasts much longer, I’ll just take a break. Until then…