Leafs re-sign Jamie Devane

Scratch another restricted free agent of the list as the Leafs have re-signed Jamie Devane to a two-year deal.

If you’re in the “who the hell is Jamie Devane?” crowd, this ought to jog your memory.

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Devane turned Corey Tropp’s lights out in an exhibition game against Buffalo in 2013. That may seem inconsequential, until you realize it directly lead to this carnival.

Yeah. Anyway…

Devane got his shot at the real thing with a two-game stint with the big club early in the regular season due to some injuries. No goals, no assists, no fights, and less than 12 minutes of total ice time. Not much to take from that.

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You can take something from his other totals though. A Burke pick, 3rd round in 2009, Devane’s 45 points in 59 games in his final year in the OHL may have given some a bit of optimism that he could play more than just an enforcer’s role. His AHL numbers say otherwise. With just six goals and seven assists for 13 points in 77 AHL games and a whopping 187 penalty minutes, Devane makes his money with his fists. After all, he’s 6’5″ and about 220. He’s the same height and 10 pounds shy of being the same size as Frazer McLaren. That’s a lot of meanie.

I’ve already seen some bemoaning the signing on Twitter and I get it. Many people, not all but many, want the Leafs to go in a direction that avoids using “goon” type players. The reality is that the team, and more than likely Randy Carlyle, like having this type of player on their side. If you’re not a fan of the signing, answer this: Would you rather have Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren play enforcer-type roles or Troy Bodie and Jamie Devane? I prefer the later, though I’d like David Broll to get another shot in the NHL if the opportunity arises.

I doubt Devane gets much of a shot with the big team this season unless there are multiple injuries. Big or not, he only played in two of the Marlies’ playoff games from this past spring. He could be a potential 12th/13th forward or “some guy on the other team might try something stupid” option going forward. Also keep in mind that the guy is only 22 and still learning.

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  • arnoldlwlee

    Devane is not a total goon…45 points in 59 games in his final year of OHL. He needs get more minutes and work his way on to the 3rd line of the Marlies and his points should come up. Last year he was playing with Staubitz, who is a real anchor, only 4 points.

    Devane had some nice goals in the preseason, you can see that he is not devoid of talent and exceeds Orr and McLaren:



    He is true heavyweight, but because he is still waiver exempt you can keep him on the farm and bring him up as needed, without committing to a regular roster spot.

    A true heavyweight, that might actually be able to play, he could be useful. Give him more minutes on the Marlies, let him play with better players to see what he can do.

  • arnoldlwlee

    Obviously the Burke cromagnon era of the hopeless Colton Orr and McLaren have to go. At least one would expect so, but then again we are indeed dealing with leaf management which still has the Burke mentality with Burkie’s right hand man, Nonis apparently attempting to right the good ship leafs. One or two of the tough youngsters would indeed come in handy when facing the Bruins or other tough teams in the league.

    A good old fashioned occasional rumble would give the sushi eating, platinum blonde crowd something to cheer about as the leafs stumble through another year of playoff failure under the tutelage of the washed up has been Carlyle.

  • arnoldlwlee

    Everybody’s always looking for a new Milan Lucic and so are the Leafs. I think all this ‘Carlyle’s done’ talk is wishful thinking on the part of the so-called advanced stats crowd. Leafs’ best season in recent memory is the one characterized by goonery and truculence and I think that the management is trying to bring the team close to that kind of hockey – hence the signing of ‘character’ guys like Robidas and Polak, faith in Clarkson, and this extension for Devane.

  • Kanuunankuula

    I hate goons as much as the next guy, but there’s not really much to mad about this signing:
    A) Mostly gonna play for the Marlies
    B) Small cap hit even if called up
    C) Better at hockey than Knorr or McLaren

  • Kanuunankuula

    Teams need guys like this to keep order and not let the other teams get their best players off their game. When these type of players can play as well, sign him up. I think Bodie and Devane are both decent signings