Hockey Wars: The Blogosphere vs. Mainstream Media

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Guy with bad haircut tries to break down the seemingly never-ending war between the hockey blogosphere and the mainstream media.

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  • Steve said it best in the podcast when initially the advanced stats community like “hey look at what we’re trying to do, let us teach you” into a bunch of hastiness, due to the backlash received.

    Advanced stats IMO are basically statistical measures that show why a hockey player or team is doing good where the “Eye Test” before could see it, but not explain it.

  • I enjoyed the video. I’ve followed the media verses basement dwellers for some time.

    I’m 39, kinda internet savy but old enough to still remember the smell of a newspaper.

    The disdain by some media is they paid their dues. They paid their tuition for journalism college, scrubbed the jon at TSN and now are is in their dream gig. Then some greasy dude in their basement is got more followers on twitter then them and making a living.

    There are dinasaurs who believe their name means they came spew out an article and expect the majority to read it. We are seeing that in all aspects of journalism or media. The world is turning off MSM, cause the old way is not how people see the world. The Young Turks are a classic example and now are followed by more people then MSNBC. CNN is dying cause they are not giving people perspective worth listening too. The recognizable media stars of younger people are from youtube not hollywood. The same thing with Sports, there is a new way to approach a topic, and MSM is not dictating the direction but is actually behind the curve.

    The reason as I see it is bloggers are real, transparent, almost seem tangible. The seem like the guy next door, probably because he is the guy next door in the basement. Their work is better because they can’t rely on their name, they have earned a following through writing content and exposing people to new ideas.

    MSM is stealing from the bloggers, because they are being tuned out in droves. Pierre McGuire is the classic example of a guy no one can figure out has a job.

    Anyways I am coming to end, because this blurb is totally directionless. How is it the PJ stock is still employed by CBC and you aren’t?

  • Another thought:

    Bloggers are, in general, not required to follow the same code of conduct that the general media has to. I’m forced to wonder if the way some bloggers communicate could be the problem.

    Take guys like @mlse and @felixpotvin on Twitter. Both very knowledgable guys, both big Leaf fans, both very good writers, but both also will have no issue ridiculing those that they deem stupid on Twitter (whether they’re right or not).

    I’d argue that, for better or worse, you’d never see a mainstream media person say some of the things bloggers do (unless they’re extremely upset, and even then when it happens they get in a bunch of trouble). Meanwhile, bloggers don’t have this problem at all.

    Perhaps the fact that it’s not, strictly speaking, a level communication field that’s part of the problem? Just a theory.