Apologies to Petter Granberg

Hey Petter,

Can I call you Pete? How are you doing? I hope you had a great summer. My summer was cool. I went to the batting cages and saw some movies. What did you do? Maybe you went back home to Sweden and did fun Swedish things. I’m sure there’s a lot of fun things to do in Sweden, like, uh…

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Anyways, you may or may not know that we posted an article about you earlier today. The Leafs Nation writing staff have been counting down the Top Twenty Leafs Prospects over the past couple weeks, and earlier this morning we posted an article about you being our fifth best prospect.

First, I’d like to say congratulations! Second, that was actually a mistake.

See, when we posted the article, we got a lot of feedback from people on the internet. “Fifth! Wow, that seems a little high!” Even our own writing staff chirped and chatted about how the ranking didn’t make any sense, considering none of us really ranked you that high on our personal lists.

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(Shoutout to the TLN writing staff, who were quick with a joke, but didn’t bother to check my math. Love you guys.)

So, I went back to the numbers and punched them in again, and it turns out we don’t like you nearly as much as we said we did. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we still like you! We just don’t “fifth overall” like you.

You’re big, you’re strong,  you play a great defensive game, and Steve Spott really seems to like you!

But, you don’t score. Like, at all. I get that defencemen aren’t generally expected to win scoring titles, but still. We’d be happy if you turn out to be a reliable, bottom-pairing guy, but that’s hardly what we expect out of the organization’s “top prospects”.

Point is, you’re actually 10th on our list. That’s a big drop, I know. I’m so, so sorry.

Here’s what the list should actually look like so far…

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5 Connor Brown
6 Andreas Johnson
7 Carter Verhaeghe
8 Frederik Gauthier
9 Carter Ashton
10 Petter Granberg (That’s you!)
11 Greg McKegg
12 Fabrice Herzog
13 Tom Nilsson
14 Tony Cameranesi
15 Andrew MacWilliam
16 Dominic Toninato
17 David Broll
18 Garret Sparks
19 Viktor Loov
20 Rinat Valiev

I hope that, in this difficult time, you can find it in your heart to forgive me. And maybe even feel good for Connor, Andreas, Carter, Frederik and Carter 2, as they all move up one spot on our list!

Anyways, good luck at training camp! I hear that Old Man Robidas can’t skate, so maybe you’re closer to the NHL than you imagine!

Your friend in life,

Justin Fisher

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