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It’s back to work time at the Nation. Unreasonable
optimism is beginning to build here in Edmonton, Brian Burke is already irate about something or other down in Calgary and in Vancouver ocean kayakers shrug indifferently at one other when the Canucks are infrequently mentioned. 

We have some big things planned for the Nation Network this
fall. Existing sites are being rebuilt. Sexy new looks are being designed. We
have also purchased one of the largest hockey sites on all of the internets and
we will be announcing all of this fun in the next couple weeks.

As part of our rebuild + relaunch plans we are doing a super
annoying 4 minute survey. You know the kind that we all hate to do.

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It’s important that we gather
this information to:

Make sure that things you like are made even

Make sure that things you don’t like are sent
straight to hell

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Understand how people are using the Nation
Network for good or evil

Steal your personal information

In exchange for your valuable time we are giving away (10)
iTunes Gift Cards and (10) Nation Gear items. In addition everyone who
enters the survey will get a discount of 20% towards future Nation Gear

We humbly beg you to take our quick survey. It will provide
us with key data to drive our future plans. And hey, if you wrote a survey your
ol’ pal Wanye will be first in line to fill it out for you too.

Please click here to take the super fast survey.

A deal is a deal.

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  • I’ll be honest guys. Never been a fan of the “premium content” model. I’ve yet to see a site that delivered anything worth a subscription. My thing is if your content is top shelf you’ll attract a large viewership and increase revenue through various paid venues within the free platform.

    • Scriv told me to shut it

      Agreed, I won’t even pay for stock trading sites or info that pay me back. I’ve been circumventing the Edmonton Journals block by reading the area that the big box doesn’t cover. Painful yes, cheap and efficient, yes.

      The Sun also drives me nuts with their 10 article maximum. So to circumvent that one if you use a different device, iPad iPhone Kindle MacBook you can get 10 articles out if eschew. I then also use “private setting” and can get many story views. I will also search a Sun writers twitter as sometimes a link from Twitter will circumvent the block too.

      Just recently the Journals articles won’t open on my phone, so they are starting to catch on.

      Please remain free.

      • Wax Man Riley

        ^^^This all day long. I own ON swag, I tell my friends and family, co-workers about the site. I try to do my part to get the word out there to others I think would be interested. Make money through generating traffic like a previous poster said.

        I hate to say it, but when sites start wanting money from me to view their content, I just move on to the next best free site to find related topics. That’s the best thing about the internet imo.

      • ubermiguel

        If you want free EJ I suggest downloading the app on your smartphone. I still get all the articles without paying, saying that, I would probably pay for EJ if they really forced me to. Also HP is such a great free app/website for news.

        I would not pay for ON, sorry.

      • ubermiguel

        LOL! I read the Journal one paragraph at a time between the pop-up and the bottom of the screen too! I thought I was the only one! So this is what it feels like when doves cry. CBC has news too and it’s always free. Yay socialism!

        • vetinari

          Boys… Simply right click over your browser icon, select “in private browsing” (or whatever equivalent) if it is Internet Explorer, and your browser will pop up, ready for use. Migrate over to news sites like the Globe and Mail or the Journal, and often you can now access some content that may have been restricted. Especially on sites that may give you access to only 10 articles in a month or whatever. These windows won’t save log in information for your favourite sites, but hey, free content. To leave and return to regular viewing, close your in private session and reopen the browser.

  • ubermiguel

    Done. Worked fine on this old timey desktop gizmo. You kids with your newfangled “laptops” and “smart phones”. The only mobile communication device I had when I was your age was an old shoelace between two two tin cans. Stay off my lawn!

  • vetinari

    Wow. Why did it require my date of birth, social insurance number, credit card number and verification code, with my mother’s maiden name and the name of my first pet, together with a nude selfie? These surveys are getting real weird…

  • BurningSensation

    So I took the survey and was disturbed by how lousy it is to do on my iPad. Questions (around #12-13), stopped being visible despite repeated attempts to refresh, and then came back again (around #15-16).

    At the end of the survey it doesn’t give you an option to close it off (at least it doesn’t on my iPad) and return to the FN site.

    Last, but not least, I felt there was a little repetition to some of the questions.

    That all said, I hope this helps!

  • Wax Man Riley

    This is hockey country and there are a lot of really good Edmonton Oilers websites. ON is my favourite by far, but if I had to pay for something I would happily move on to another site for my hockey news fix.

    There are a lot of them

  • Young Oil

    The survey was very poorly designed, did you guys do a few trial runs before releasing it?

    When I answered that I didn’t play any of the games, the next page was a blank page and I was forced to answer a question that wasn’t there.