2014-15 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit


Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Fantasy Hockey’s most detailed and helpful FREE fantasy hockey draft kit. With 300 player / goalie projections and analysis and a team-by-team season preview and breakdown, the 2014-15  DailyFaceoff Draft Kit is the only tool you will need to be successful on draft day.

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Return back during the season for up to the minute starting goalie confirmations, player news and line combinations!

Enjoy and good luck to everyone in the 2014-15 Fantasy Hockey season!!

Download the FREE fantasy hockey Draft Kit

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  • mk

    Great kit!

    My one nit-pick: who the heck picked Iginla to have 90 points this season? That was probably just a typo (meaning 60 points, rather than the 60 assists written). I laughed at that.

  • Actually doing my own this year because all of my leagues / pools are points only. No PIM’s or anything, just points and in one case goalie wins / shutouts.

    Consequently what I’ve got listed is the top 50 or so forwards in P/60mins from 2013-2014, plus another two dozen or so I might want to draft, arranged in descending order. Next to that I have total points, games played, IPP, ES ONSH%, ES SH%, ES TOI/G and PP TOI/G. For P/60 IPP and the SH% stats I also have each player’s 3 year total to get a sense of how they performed vs history.

    In other words, using fancy stats to find undervalued fantasy players FTW. Even in a straight snake draft, looking at P/60 can deliver some serious steals.

  • SavardianSpinorama

    I thought it was quite poorly put together with many errors both grammatical and factual. Some of the projections are just silly or perhaps typos ?
    Iginla projected to have 60 assists?

    Daniel Sedin to have bounce back year but only score 33 points?

    Great that it is free I guess but came off as very bush league.

  • Where do you see Iginla with 60 assists? I see him projected for 32 assists.

    Sedin is an obvious typo, but his totals in the Vancouver page are good.

    Yes, they need an editor, but that’s what happens in a free guide.


    Um… Did my first comment get moderated? I provided a ton of feedback that should be useful to Daily Faceoff as well as anyone reading this, and it doesn’t contain anything inflammatory at all.

    If a mod did delete my comment, please let me know why at austeane at gmail dot com


    Here is a different version of the comment which I left on DailyFaceoff directly for the makers of the kit:

    This is very good, especially considering that it is free. Disclaimer: I am the Associate Manager/Editor for a competing fantasy site that has been at this for a lot longer. Obviously I think our product is much better, but yours is free so that isn’t the point. More competition can only help, so I’ll offer you some constructive criticisms.

    Debating projections is foolhardy, so I won’t touch that, but you are definitely missing some essential subtleties.

    While the content and presentation is great, I can’t really take your rankings/mock draft seriously without the context of what categories you are considering. I would assume that your top 275 and mock draft is points only, but elsewhere you mention +/- and PIMs.

    On a related note, many of the strategies you outline don’t work for a variety league setups. The waiting to draft D strategy is terrible in deep leagues that count PP points, as PPQBs dry up quickly. With hits/blocks, the D strategy shifts a ton yet again.

    Drafting teammates is a bit of a fallacy in some leagues, especially year-long roto leagues. Points are points are points over the long run. It can make sense in some weekly matchup leagues where you are dominant in peripherals and goalie stats, when your team gets hot you can win your offensive categories match ups and just let your other cats win for you the rest of the time.

    You may also want to hire an editor, as I’ve already noticed a couple of typos such as Tavares spelt Tavarer in the NYI lineup projection. On a semi-related note, you have Dal Colle projected for 45 points and a 5th place Calder finish while he plays on the fourth line? I understand that it may have been two different people doing that, but you have to have some consistency in your rankings.

    Another thing is that Elliott/Allen won’t start out as a timeshare, Elliott was named the starter before preseason and it will be his team to start. Allen could turn it into a timeshare, but it is more in Elliott’s favor than you make it out to be.

    There is a lot of potential here, and I commend you for the effort!