Leafs Roster Preview – Colton Orr

As one half of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Colt Knorr has been an old-school favourite – and go-to guy for Carlyle – in Toronto for awhile. But facepunchers are a dying breed, and Orr doesn’t offer a heck of a lot beyond facepunching. Oh and guess what? He barely even facepunches anymore, and when he does, he’s bad at it.

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Last Season

Okay, so say you still value fighting in hockey and think that guys like Orr are still vital to team success – that’s totally okay and cool. But, if that’s Orr’s main contribution, is he still even good at it? Last season, Orr fought six times, with his last fight coming on January 10th. And on that January 10th tilt? He got his ass handed to him by John Erskine. 

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stats via dropyourgloves.com

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And the numbers support the eye-test. It wasn’t just his fight against Erskine – Orr has slowed down, and he really took a beating in 2013-14.

So if Orr isn’t even fighting anymore, what exactly are his contributions? Heck, even if his fight totals go up this season, it sure doesn’t seem like he’ll win any. 

This Season

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 6.49.07 PM

stats via dropyourgloves.com

The most concerning thing to me is Orr’s long-term health. While I don’t care for him as a player, I care for him as a human. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and getting your face caved in to make a few bucks seems like a crappy way to make a living. We all know about Orr’s history with concussions, and after the Parros incident last year I just plainly don’t think it is responsible for the Leafs to put Orr out on the ice anymore.

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And if you don’t care about his health, it isn’t responsible to continue to waste a roster spot on guys like Orr and McLaren anymore. 

It should be the end of an era. And that’s the best decision for Orr and the Leafs. 

Fantasy Value


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  • CMpuck

    OMG the Leafs would be so much better is they gave Orr’s three minutes a game to McKegg or Abbot, we totally make the playoffs and have a Cinderella run, Orr hurts this team so much.

    • You realize that this is absolutely the dumbest argument by the pro-fighter crowd, right? It isn’t about McKegg or someone stepping in to three minutes of ice time and making the team a contender. If your fourth line is so awful you can only trust them with three minutes a night, that’s the problem.

      The best players should play, and it’s as simple as that. The entire lineup is better for it.

      • CMpuck

        Pro-fighting, typical assumptions of the internet blogosphere, I don’t care about the forth line no matter who is or isn’t on it. I haven’t cared about a 4th liner since Peter f’ing Zezel because they’re largely interchangeable and make little impact.

        For some reason Leaf fans get in a tantrum over ‘well who will play in the 7th blueline spot??? Oh no…’ ‘Colton Orr doesn’t have the skill set to be maximize a meaningless role…. maybe we should resign John Pohl so he can score one shootout goal’…. It’s Orr or some other loser… doesn’t matter.

  • Gumby

    He loses one fight, and now he “can’t fight anymore”. Haha get real

    I dare any blogger to tell Orr that he’s bad at fighting

    Can’t see him making the team, but the guy is class. Love how he taught Weber a lesson after his dirty play on Tallinder. Sad to see a vet go out like that

  • Nate

    I think the boys need a guy like Orr around to pump up the team when they’re in a rut. His fights are often the turning point in games, where we see the team respond to his energy and rally for him. He’s also a great locker room presence, and is it really a good idea if he only subs in for tough teams like Buffalo?