Monday Mailbag: Amber Lamps


Last time around, we got some comments on our new wheels. Some liked the old school mail delivery truck feel. Justin felt it looked like an Ice Cream Truck, probably because he forgot why exactly he was loafing around and eating ice cream while looking out the window. Whatever the case, it may have to become an ambulance with all of these injuries hitting the Leafs lineup. Anyway, lets answer some questions.

To submit your question, please send a tweet to @TLNdc or leave it in these comments.

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Why does Carlyle still have a job? [email protected]

If I had to guess, Leafs brass has a specific person or group of people in mind as his potential replacement. Maybe that includes his new assistants. If you’re thinking long-term, it’s probably smarter to hope that Carlyle adapts and tries something new rather than fire him, put someone else in, and fire them simply because the guy you really want shows up.

If they had any inclination that Carlyle was open to new things, and I don’t think he wouldn’t be (executing, of course, being a different matter), then playing the long game may have been the saner option. The saner option which, of courses, creates insanity for the masses.

Is josh leivo in an NHL top six role to open the year realistic? [email protected]

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Honestly? It’s possible. With David Booth injured, Petri Kontiola headed down to the AHL, and David Clarkson possibly out of the lineup for a bit too, the race for the second right wing spot becomes one of Leo Komarov, Josh Leivo, and Mike Santorelli. The Leafs may feel it to be smart to give Leivo a small crack at serious minutes to develop his game if they’re short on players to start. It would have to be on that second line to make any sense, though.

Do you think Kontiola is pissed he got out of a contract in the KHL to be a Leaf but ended up back in the AHL? [email protected]

Any player is going to be pissed off when you send them down to a level below there they believe they can be. This won’t be any different of a situation. That said, Kontiola has a one-way deal and will make the same amount of money in both leagues, so that element isn’t a concern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he worked his way back up sooner than later.

What do you think is the best option for Nylander? The AHL, back to Sweden or maybe another option? [email protected]_brent 

I got this question from a few people; I think there’s some merit to both the major sides to the coin. I want to go into more detail, though, so look for a post later this week.

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