Viktor Loov is a Toronto Marlie After All

Truthfully, the title could have just as easily read “Marlies trade William Nylander to MODO for Viktor Loov.”

From the always cool and informative Chris Johnston of Sportsnet…

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Despite signing a three year entry-level contract back in April, it looked like Loov would be returning to Sweden after he failed to make Toronto’s big league roster. NHL out-clauses are common in SHL contracts, but I suppose the same can’t be said for AHL out-clauses.

MODO’s decision to allow Loov to remain in Toronto probably has a lot to do with the fact that yesterday the Leafs cut top prospect William Nylander from the main roster. Instead of assigning him to the Marlies, the Leafs allowed Nylander to sign with MODO, his former Swedish club. 

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While the SHL is a fine place for young players to develop against more mature opposition, the 21-year old Loov already had three seasons of SHL or Allsvenskan experience under his belt. With little left to learn there, it is probably best that the Leafs were able to keep Loov in Toronto for the upcoming season. Besides a new learning experience, Loov may very well be one of the go-to call ups if the Leafs find themselves in need of another defender.

s/t to @Simmsation for calling this yesterday…

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