LFR8 – Game 25 – Jersey Toss – NJD 5, Tor 3

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 4.26.13 PM

Wondering what the hell happened and how to avoid it next time.

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  • TGT23

    Please dude. Don’t do a reaction video, the last one was so corny …

    And you already knew the score! So they’re not legitimate reactions

    Just my 2 cents. Luv u dawg

  • Steve, the lines that you propose sound great because of what each individual brings to their respective line but the problem is positions. Playing Lupul with JVR and Bozak would be impossible unless you moved JVR to his off wing or moved Lupul to the right side but I heard he likes to play left wing. As well, Santorelli with Kadri and Kessel would be nice but Santorelli plays right wing and as does Kessel although I heard Santorelli is very flexible in the positions that he plays so it might not be a problem. It doesn’t matter anyway. Carlyle probably won’t change up the lines too much. I want to see that first line change but without changing the second line which is very difficult to do. It is a difficult situation.

  • I would not worry that much about the loss against the Devils. Even really good teams aren’t perfect. They lose and they often lose against bad teams.

    For all their talent you would think the LA Kings would have a better record, but they don’t and they lose to teams like Carolina and Dallas in November. LA should beat both of those teams like the Leafs should beat the Devils.

    Kessel has a nagging injury that keeps flaring up. Komorov and Polak have been valuble but could not play.

    The key is how do the Leafs play over the next little stretch. It’s very tough: Canucks, Flames, Detroit twice, Kings and Ducks.

    If they can bounce back after a bad game and go .500 or better on this next stretch, then I am happy.

    If they continue to lose it could snowball. Only then do I start thinking about the 18 wheeler going off the road, that’s when I worry, not before.

  • TGT23

    Leo – Bozie – Kessel

    Lupul – Kadri – Santo

    JVR – Holland – Clarkson

    Booth – Smith – Winnik

    I think leo will provide that line with lots of push back. He does drive the play a lot, but he is on the pk. So you would want to limit his minutes normally. I think this would be a great idea for a night with low Penalties, but overall We should go with the lines:

    Lupul – Kadri – Kessel

    JVR – Bozie – Santo

    Leo – Holland – Winnik

    Booth – Smith – Clarkson

    Maybe these lines would be more effective. I do believe in having the PK group on the same line to allow that line to have limited time on ice for 5 on 5 and be prepared for 4 on 5. Booth can develop into a top 6 player, but he needs someone who can drop in front of the next and that person can be clarkson. Smith can provide additionally support with the puck. He is doing an excellent job as is. JVR and bozie would work excellent together (as always), santo will really drive the play on that line. Each team needs a player with great position. Santo has that, and that is what is missing from JVR and Bozie play. The first line would be a great idea because Kadri and lupul play a type of style similar to pavel datsyuk. Where they do not give up on the puck, and do not lose it. Not saying they are anything like datsyuk because he is truly amazing, but they do have that type of play. They will provide kessel with something that he needs – the puck. As often as bozie wins that faceoff that would help santo, but kessel needs that style of play kadri has. I say we should give it more of a chance because lupul is back from injury and it was working well before he was injured.

    This is just my idea. I would like to have panik and kozun in the line-up more but, maybe they will just provide us with that depth chance. They can do what stuart piercy was doing at the start of the season. Provide us with that chance to have players as a healthy scratch if they are not playing well. That is what a play needs to be shown that they need to try harder. Anyways. Have a nice night everyone!

  • Jeremy Ian

    The next time a “Leafs” fan throws a jersey onto the ice the Leafs should all sign the jersey and give it away, or auction it off for charity. (Turn it into a Positive situation.) Just a thought.