Tyler Bozak drops off Leafs swag, nobody cares


Have you ever wondered wanted to see what the real-life personality and team interest level of a Toronto Maple Leafs season ticket holder is? Well, here’s a bit of a behind the scenes look (in postgame format!), courtesy of a thing that Tyler Bozak and the Leafs did with Purolator. Warning, the results may infuriate you.

The Rundown

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The video starts with Bozak suiting up in a Purolator
uniform. You know, to give the illusion of him being undercover. Just to make
sure we’re all aware of who he is, though, his name and number are plastered on
the back, something I now believe that every postage worker should have for
shits and giggles.

The first man seems relatively confused before Tyler’s
wingman (not Phil Kessel, shut up) explains who he is and that they have a
package for him. The guy seems indifferent, and asks if he should open the package
now. He shows mild enthusiasm (a deadpan “there it is”) after seeing his jersey
in the package, gets his (grand?)daughter to take a photo with Bozie, and they’re
on their way again.

The next delivery happens in an office. The second man at least
maintains a smile on his face. The big reveal is a bit awkward (“Hey, I got you
one of my jerseys here.” “Oh, okay, perfect, and some tickets.”) but again, he
seems more into it than the first guy. Bozie scribbles on his jersey and they
go on their separate ways.

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The third man just seems spooked and clueless. Tyler leads
the whole conversation, doing the package reveal himself and self-volunteering
his autograph. The man makes a quip about Tyler being a delivery person, and
the video ends with the above picture of him looking at things in a camera-friendly way.

Blue Warrior

This video actually makes me feel really bad for Tyler Bozak. This isn’t an issue of him being “irrelevant” or “uncool” – while he has his share of detractors in this city, they’re at least aware of who he is and would show some form of excitement if a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs appeared with marketing type people and said “hey, I’d like to give you stuff!”.

It’s already a little crappy for him that he had to spend a day off doing things for advertisers. It’s worse that he has to lead conversations, open the boxes of goodies himself, and volunteer his own autograph. There’s a lot of awkwardness in these interactions and it’s almost entirely coming from the season ticket holders who are so-called “fans”.


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  • These are the type of people who are ahead of you on the lifetime-long season ticket waiting list.
  • These are the type of people who show up ten minutes late to every period.
  • These are the type of people who don’t blink at the ticket price increases every year, because their tickets are an “expense”.
  • These are the type of people who create the “dead” atmosphere of the Air Canada Centre.
  • These are one of the types of people who make the team wonder if they even have to bother acknowledging the crowd after games.

Look, I get that there are some contributing factors to the lack of enthusiasm. Cameras make people shy. All three gentlemen are older and less likely to be star-struck and individually curious. One of them as at work.

But still, it just seems off putting from a human perspective. I enjoy watching the Leafs, but wouldn’t feel in any way star struck by Tyler Bozak (“do you still think I’m dumb?” “shut up Jeffler” “okay cool”). I have a lot of stuff lying around the house already. But when somebody goes out of their way to do something nice for me, especially in such an over the top way, I’d at least fake the enthusiasm.

Also, giving season ticket holders free tickets? Isn’t that like, making the rich richer? If access is so supposedly scarce, why would you double up people who don’t appreciate it? 

Hopefully these were the only three people they delivered to, and their selection of fans just sucked. Because if there were more that showed even less enthusiasm and graciousness… man, I just don’t know.

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  • The fan apathy in the video reminded me of Kadri doing the falafael waiter gag last year. When he revealed himself the patrons were indifferent to Kadri. You know just let me eat my food and get that camera out of my face.

    But I think this is getting to the core problem with the team and so I agree with your general message here. As both Kadri and Bozak lack the necessary “compete” and “enthusiasm” which is not only evidenced on the ice but in the skit with their inability to connect with fans.

  • CDubs

    Mr. Bozak of the leafs would have been greeted by my butler, who would have directed this hockey player to my study. I would have offered him a Cold Mosons Canadian and asked the young lad to sit down.

    Mr. Bozak would have seen my shrine of the 1960’s when leaf players were men and went out and won Stanley Cups. Young Bozzy would be edified on what leadership and winning is all about.

    I would have invited over a couple of the grand kids to come over and I imagine that they would be delighted to meet a leaf player who actually had played a playoff game in their 15 and 17 years of existence on this planet of ours.

    As the meeting concluded a gift would be given to Mr. Bozak a bag of bread crumbs that he could throw to the peasants below on the balcony on his way out. I’m sure he would comprehend the analogy of leaf ownership occasionally tossing bread crumbs to their true loyal serfs, many who have lived with mediocrity all their lives cheering on the leafs.

  • CMpuck

    I would love to see Tyler Bozak show up on Jeffler’s doorstep.

    Tyler: Top twenty in points bud.

    Jeffler: um your shooting percentage remains too high to sustain.

    Tyler: Here’s my jersey to wear in your mom’s basement

    Jeffler: Have you read ‘Love you Bozer’?

  • I was at my first Leafs game ever at ACC a couple weeks ago (the Vancouver game). Got tickets off Stub Hub no problem. Last row but still. Atmosphere was great. Much better than I expected.

    I wonder if people are just trying not to act starstruck with Bozak. If a Leaf player came to my door, I would think it weird to get all shrieky and excited.

  • CMpuck

    My family owns seasons tickets, and we always hope to be chosen for the “player delivery” that the leafs and purolator do every year. I know we would be extremely appreciative.

    However, this is just awkward and I feel bad for Bozak. It’s clear they have no idea who he is and I don’t think it’s fair that he was put in this awkward position. I think it would be better if the ticket holders were “pre-screened” to maybe find out if they have kids, who would obviously be more excited about getting the opportunity to meet a member of the leafs.

    Overall, this just looks bad on the organization and I’m kind of surprised they ever posted the video, to be honest.

  • jasken

    I think you taking this way out of text the first guy might be a season ticket holder but why is he maybe he dont even like the Leafs, but his children and grandchildren do which is why he bought the tickets as a thing they could do with them that kid looked pretty happy.

    Them already being season ticket holders probably for generations as is common with some fans and ticket holders so why would they want more tickets. Had it been Darryl Sittler, Rick Vaive, Lanny McDonald now you are talking an excited old timer fan.

    But if it was me I would be smiling ear to ear and after I thanked him for the Jersey I would say you guys need to come back and give your defencemen some support and quit cherry picking around center ice. Good luck against Flyers and Chicago

  • CDubs

    Sums up nicely why most fans didnt care about salutegate. Poor bozie though – he clearly needed phil around to soak up the extra awkward, and break out a game of pool if things got out of control.

  • jasken

    Giving more stuff to boring rich people? Not really a good way to generate examples of fan excitement.

    I would much rather watch them give a jersey and tickets to some poor child who is a Leafs fan and has never been to a Leafs game.

    There are single parents out there that can’t afford hockey for their kids or even a live Leafs game…but their kids watch every game on TV and could spot Bozak a block away.

    I would much rather watch Bozak deliver a jersey and tickets to some seven year old in that situation and watch the kid lose his mind with excitement.

  • CDubs

    Unless the entire post is satire, I think you’re wrong about a few things. First, I don’t think this was his day off. It’s summer (always a long one for Bozie), I think they were dropping off seasons tickets, not giving away tickets to seasons ticket holders. If they already have tickets to each game, what were the tickets for? I blame the PR, not Bozman, he’s a hockey player, not an actor, if they truly surprised these people, they chose poorly. Surely they must get fan mail or email from rabid fans, and not dodgy old white guys like me. It was summer, had they showed up at my place, I probably wouldn’t have had pants on!