LFR8 – Game 33 – Almonds – Phi 7, Tor 4

Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 3.59.40 PM

Who was the first person to look at almonds and go “I could make booze out of that.”

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  • Young Oil

    Being half Italian, Steverino isn’t all bad. The leafs driving their fans to drink, imagine that. Intelligent leaf fans no, no, no it ain’t an oxymoron saw this coming a mile away with the crazy schedule of 16 games out of 20 on the road. Three games in 4 nights and you are playing one of the top defensive teams at home. You got two chances SLIM AND NONE.

    In the third period the leafs are keeping it respectable against the Hawks.

    Now Steverino I think it is about time you talk about Shanahan not having the keys to the exeuctive wash room. How do I know this you ask??? Well the leafs have been in the Christmas spirit since the summer, hiring people everywhere, on the street, in the lane. They even went hunting for a Hunter and got one who according to the experts is a genius in scouting.

    So how come Steverino, Dave Morrison, one of the chief architects of the leafs abysmal, horrible, disgusting drafting over the past several years is still collecting a pay cheque. Couldn’t Shanny fire this guy, or are the bean counters and blue suits similar to the Dallas Cowboy owner Mr. Jones making the on ice decisions regarding the leafs. Shanny’s job similar to Ken Dryden’s many moons ago as the so called president of the leafs is to simply ask the blue suits and bean counters will that be one or two lumps of sugar.

    Sadly unlike their brethen Raptor fans whose gift is a first place team, with a 22 and 6 record, nice segue Steverino to refer to the Raptors. It appears the leafs as usual have gone out to the coal pit to get a nice big piece for your Christmas stocking. After all when you have only been in the playoffs once in the past decade, what more would a leaf fan expect to find in that stocking.