WWYD Wednesday – Secret Santa

You ever been part of a Secret Santa? You know, that game that you play with friends and/or coworkers where you pick names out of a hat (or anything capable of holding strips of paper, really) and you have to get that person a Christmas gift?

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It’s a largely silly game where 90% of the participants involved buy and/or receive a $20 gift card for the local liquor store. And maybe someone buys someone else lingerie and then things just get awesome and/or awkward.

The Situation

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Anyways, it’s your turn to be Secret Santa, and you just pulled the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What would you get them for Christmas? Maybe a defence partner for Dion Phaneuf? An extra compliance buyout? A new coach? Yeah, ok. I know you’re all going to say ‘new coach’. 

Be festive. Get the Leafs something they will love. And hey, maybe they will return the favour! But probably not.

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  • I get the leafs for Christmas Morgan Reilley becoming the next Bobby Or Nylander coming to the leafs after the break and making Kessel a 60 goal scorer and for the leafs to some how draft both McDavid and Noah Hoffman meanwhile winning lo rd stanely *laughs psychotically*

  • STAN

    I’d scour the league for a solid D-partner for the Leafs best defensemen, Cody Franson.

    I’d be on the phone with 29 GMs to see whether any of them would take Phaneuf’s ridiculous, championship-killing contract. Ditto Clarkson. (Edmonton?? Would they give up the number one pick for the two of them?)

    I’d be in top secret negotiations with Mike Babcock’s agent. A REAL coach will turn Rielly and Gardiner into top flight D-men.

    I’d certainly rely less on analytics and just use more common sense.

    I’d bench Kessel for a game or two if insists on paying NO attention to defence and contact.

    I’d make Kadri Captain.

  • With compliance buyouts, the person that is bought out by the team – can they be resigned by said team? If so, I would forsure without a doubt buyout david clarkson. He will be making around 4.9m per a year with the buyout and that wont be on the cap, I will sign him again for 1.5m for the neat 10 seasons. He is a great player, but not worth 5.25m per a year. 1.5m per a year for the next 10? Would be a steal imo =P

    So ya, an extra compliance buyout.

  • Plonkswirls

    I would give them an memory Elixir so that they forget about the video where they had to sing Jingle Bell Rock… Or maybe just to Lupul for the one awkward interview.

    But really, I’d give them some magic to bring Komarov back.