LFR8 – Game 37 – ACME – Tor 2, TB 3

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ACME. Coffee Patron. Fire Randy Carlyle.

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  • Matty Franchise Jr

    I live in Singapore so I get to watch the games at 7 or 8 am on weekends depending on the time of year. My question of the game is why do I willingly subject myself to being a leaf fan? If the Leaf organisation is Wiley the Coyote I feel a bit like Tom from Tom and Jerry.

  • CMpuck

    Carlyle is part of the problem.

    We all know that he would be playing the facepunchers if Nonis and Shananhan had not sent them down to the Marlies.

    Here’s an idea: take Clarkson off the powerplay and replace him with Santorelli, who has been one of the Leafs better forwards on many nights. I would even give Holland the occasional sniff on the PP.

    Carlyle needs a “higher compete level” himself. When Carlyle has done well as a coach he has matched lines for ever advantage and he has cut down the playing time of guys that don’t play defense. Carlyle isn’t doing that. Guys are mailing it in without being punished with reduced ice time.

    However, there are still some problems with this roster. The best coach in the league could not win a cup with these guys. Trevor Smith would not play 4th line center with the Kings, Bruins or Backhawks and the 4th line does matter in the playoffs. The Leafs need a better 4th line center until maybe Carrick or Gauthier can fill that role.

    However, the defense is the biggest problem. It’s not right. There is too much offence and not enough solid defensive play. At some point the Leafs will have to bite the bullet and trade players and prospects or picks to fill out the top 4. Chicago has Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson and Odouya. It isn’t even close.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Coach is not the biggest problem.
    Trade kessel and get someone who skates
    hard both ways.
    Trade Clarkson and dump salary.
    Ice a 4 line team of intensity.
    trade gardiner and call up percy

    • CMpuck

      Coach was a problem in Anaheim. Players that do poorly here improve elsewhere. The team has changed drastically since he got here, and they results haven’t. Quit listening to the talking heads, the coach is 100% the problem.

    • CMpuck

      Simple question – who wants Clarkson? He is getting $5.25mm through 2020. Yes – this season and 5 more. The most salary you can retain is 50%. Does any team want Clarkson at $2.6mm a year? I highly doubt it. The Leafs are stuck with him.

      Lupul is also getting $5.25mm – but only through 2018. Is he worth it? In a salary cap world, no. All these projections of an ever growing salary cap are falling with the price of oil – and the exchange rate between the Looney and USD now at 0.86.

      Phaneuf is $7mm through 2021. He is an above average defenceman. If he was on Chicago, he would be in their third pairing. Someone in that category does not get $7mm.

      It could be worse. We could be Flyer fans. As James Mirtle pointed out – “Flyers are spending $14.1-million on MacDonald, Lecavalier and Umberger until 2017. That’s more than 20% of current cap.”

      The Leafs are not very good. Carlyle is a lousy coach but Scotty Bowman would not be able to do much with this bunch.

      And there are cap issues with much of it being wasted on non-productive assets. It looks like these mistakes will not get covered up by an ever rising cap. The Leafs are a mess and it will take a while to work out of this problem.

      Mirtle today wrote:
      Even when they’re scoring and getting solid goaltending – and they often have – they’re in the NHL’s lower middle class, somewhere between a wild-card spot and 12th in the East, a spot from which it’s exceptionally unlikely much of anything materializes.

      Great piece. Read the whole thing:

      • CMpuck

        You know what you can do with Clarkson locked up that long? Rebuild, lotto picks are cap friendly so the time that and whatever Rodidas/Gleason/yettobesignedgarbage buyout hell management is just crawling out of you’ll have the pieces necessary and groomed to move forward with.

        My prediction for the next hell contracts, Nazem 20 million dollar Kadri and Cody Turnover for 25 million.

        In life, I give the being a Leafs fan experience one and half stars.

        • TGT23

          Why is Nazem a “hell contract”? Is it hell because fitting him under the cap is going to be difficult but losing him moreso, or are you trying to say we shouldn’t jump with glee if we can get him for 4 or 5 years for $20M?

      • TGT23

        $2.6M for Clarkson is a steal with what he gives you. The issue is the Leafs won’t be able to get any value so it’ll just be them giving away Clarkson.

        And you pick a team where 95% of d-men wouldn’t crack the Top 4 to prove your point? Seems flawed? What pairing does Dion play in Pittsburgh? NYI? Detroit? St. Louis? Nashville? To say nothing of Boston, Anaheim, Montreal or LA. He’d probably be Top 2, Top 4 on the low end. Trading him doesn’t help the team, either.

        A new coach who impliments an actual, NHL level defensive scheme could be enough to turn the team around. Or at very least send them in a positive direction.

        • TGT23

          Chicago getting Versteeg for $2.2mm and Richards for $2mm are steals. There are a lot of players making $2.6mm I would rather have than Clarkson. Will he get to 30 points this season?

          I think we SHOULD compare the Leafs to CHI and LAK. The goal here is to win the Stanley Cup. Since they have won four of the last five, we should take a good look at those teams. Obviously, we need a new coach. But there are many other things the Leafs need. If Carlyle stays as a placeholder for the rest of this season, I don’t really have a problem with that.

          To me, the most important thing that has happened recently was the hiring of Steve Staios as Manager of Player Development. I know that Leaf fans are sick and tired of waiting but I think that is the only choice. In the past, management has tried to hurry the process and made things worse. We need to be able to wait for Shanahan to build an organization that is capable of making deep playoff runs every year. That is how we will ultimately win a Stanley Cup.

          That process will take 3-5 years. All that Shanahan has done so far indicates that is the path he is taking. I hope he does not feel the pressure to deviate from it. While firing Carlyle would be good news, I would much rather hear that the Leafs have hired Norm Maciver, Chicago’s Assistant GM.

  • At this point I don’t care who we get. If Mike Babcock isn’t available. whatever. Peter Deboer available, it looks like Todd Mcclellan’s gonna be available. Shanahan’s smart. Carlyle should absolutely be fired.

  • CMpuck

    So it’s not on the players as per usual? Teams that live and die on offense will swing between terrible and great, no surprise it’s another variant how Burke put it best ‘a team that plays partial seasons’ like the shorten season the Leafs squeaked in. A new coach doesn’t save a poorly constructed roster. The Leafs are just random parts with no blueprint/identity. Why pretend roster can win with another coach? That’s not real change. Go ahead and fire him, at least waiting for Babcock is a move that makes sense and has purpose, not typical Leaf ‘just do something’ kneejerk bs that leaves the as bad as they were after the move.

  • CMpuck

    I believe the Leafs bipolar performance will not stop
    until we trade Kessel and Bozak.

    If your best scoring tandem is you biggest liability
    then there is a problem.

    I would trade them for Leon Draisaitl & Darnell Nurse and Edmonton 2nd round or something similar that fills holes that our prospects wont.

    The core of the Leafs needs to change…..
    I understand all the Leafs core has no trade contracts but most likely they are limited no trade contracts and I know the zoo that will be the Toronto media once this comes out -but things must change –
    in Toronto to expect a different result-
    changing coaches is not enough.

  • CMpuck

    a potato and banana would be a better coach and gm than randy carlyle and dave nonis. we’d be better off with no coach or gm managing this team. if shanahan and dubas don’t fire randy and make some big chances within this roster, i’m quitting this team. why should i subject myself to heartbreak every year. i should put all of my time and energy supporting a real professional team, the toronto raptors until this organization wakes up and cleans house.

  • CMpuck

    Thankyou Steve!!! Your best video ever. The “proof is in the pudding” and has been for over 2 years.
    Phaneuf is being over-worked and buried again, Winnick is playing 4th line minutes because Randy won’t play the 4th at all without his new McClement, Clarkson on the PP, possession continues to drop—how low can it go? James had a .927 save % last night yet fans are panicking because Bernier was out for a game. Everything from the leadership, compete level, possession woes to the demands to rip the C off the captain happened before–In Anaheim. Shanahan, please, PLEASE show Randy the door and make sure he has the potato with him when he leaves.

  • TGT23

    I am not quite sure what all this talk of Randy Carlyle not being the problem is about. Martin, you say that another coach would not be able to do much with this group? Are you insane? Take a look at the roster that Wilson had in his years here in Toronto. It is beyond awful. He had NOTHING until Kessel. And even then, the roster had no depth whatsoever. Look at the team corsi % by year since Ron Wilson was hired (2008).

    2008-09: CF%: 50.2%
    2009-10: CF%: 52.8%
    2010-11: CF%: 47.8%
    2011-12: CF%: 48.9%
    2012-13: CF%: 44.1%
    2013-14: CF%: 42.9%
    2014-15: CF%: 44.8%

    That is a significant drop off between 2011-12 and 2012-13 (when Carlyle started coaching). All of this considering the fact that Carlyle now has significantly better defense, offense, and especially goaltending than Wilson did in his final year. There has also been a ridiculous jump in PDO since Carlyle was hired indicating that the Leafs are relying too much on goaltending and elevated shooting percentage (either luck, excellent forwards, or a combination of both).

    My point is not that Wilson is a genius. It is that Carlyle is the opposite. He has a very skilled team which another coach could most certainly make work but he just doesn’t know what to do with it. There is much more evidence to suggest that Carlyle is a bad coach which I won’t get into (although his decision making with regards to the lineup alone should be a good indicator of how bad he is – see the usage of Jake Gardiner and Nazem Kadri). Carlyle either needs to come up with a completely different system which the players understand and can implement that will focus on puck possession (maybe the 1-3-1 that Guy Boucher used) or he needs to be fired at the end of the season. Now would probably not be a good time because the Leafs don’t really have a plan for a replacement so firing him would be pointless.

    By the way, good video Steve.

  • TGT23

    bozak, clarkson, lupul & phaneuf are boat anchor contracts. lupul is the best of the forwards but he’s always hurt so he’s not worth that money. I would keep franson over phaneuf if it comes down to it. retain someone’s damn salary & get of them!! it’s better than having 1 pp point clarkson for the next 5 damn years. keep kadri. he’s a possible 1st line centre/above average 2nd line centre at best. they usually get paid 5+ million. clarkson’s contract is basically untradeable so nonis should really be fired for his off season moves after the collapse. just awful. nonis & carlyle should both be gone this year when we collapse & miss the playoffs again. best hope is picking top 10 again & maybe getting a shot at mcdavid/eichel/strome/hanifin. looks like another solid draft year! sounds negative but it’s the best thing for the leafs in the future. if it means another year of hell & humiliation, I’ll take it because we would get new management from top to bottom & a very good pick again. start building for the future because the present is hopeless. we should follow the Lightning. that’s a top clas organization. they remind me of the new detroit red wings. they bottomed out, got stamkos & built around him. we should do the same even if t means getting rid of our offensively talented, defensively incompetent core with 0 accountability for their play/actions. I’ve had enough disappointment to lay 10 life times.