LFR8 – Game 43 – Corsi Kings – Tor 0, LA 2

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Are we having this discussion again? Because it seems like we’re having this discussion again.

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Morgan Rielly also looked good last night, except for the last play of course. He was eating up alot of minutes which kinda changed the leafs game a little bit from what I saw.

  • Jeremy Ian


  • jasken

    Leaf fans have to develop patience. More than Job as Stevo points out too many of you have been silly goose over the past 48 years.

    The new illustrious coach is here till the end of the year when the leafs M.L.S.E. board of bean counters and blue suits who all got their degree of hockey knowledge from the Harold Ballard school of stupidity will have the leaf lap poodle media announce that the leafs have just signed the greatest coach in the game, comparable to Toe Blake, Scotty Bowman.

    The leafs will with a gaggle of scouts including the gang that drafted all those wonderful, wonderful selections over the past 10 years pick a player between the 6th to 12th pick. He will be immediately hailed as a future hall of famer.

    One only hopes he actually plays even one game for the leafs. Hello RASK, HELLO BIGGS, HELLO DID YOU ENJOY THE CUP OF COFFEE PERCY.

    Look a lot of teams don’t make the playoffs. There are a lot of good teams out there. Some teams get lucky and have more points than the leafs by jumping into the dumpster and doing a Dale Talon by signing washed up bums, has beens, never was beens.

    Stevo maybe it was the sunny day out here on the coast with the temperature around 50 in the normal system but I detected a grey hair on that head of yours. It got me to thinking that you are from that generation, well maybe a decade older than them who have gone through practically their entire school education with 3 home leaf playoff games to brag about.

    As I stated before Steve as a satirist you are brilliant and like the John Stewarts, Colberts, and Limbaughs of the world, the sad sack leafs will always, always, always give you volumes of material.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Thanks Steve!
    You mentioned zone exits. Anthony (Notebook-MLHS site) has some great video showing the marked difference in Horachuk’s clean D-zone exits/breakouts vs Randy’s. Like night and day.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve, so right. At some point, we have to reckon with the psychology of some sectors of fandom, those who pride themselves on the highest expectation but wind up fuming (unsurprising, because we don’t live in Utopia) over dashed expectations — and so the only solution is to trash the whole team. And on it goes…. (The secret about this pathology, like all learned maladies, is that this breed of fan actually loves it this way; it confirms everything they already think about themselves).

    Colleen’s link is a good one:


    • Jeremy Ian

      Ironically I’m noticing some of the Raptor fans ready to jump off the cliff despite the Raptors being 25 and 12 and still missing their all-star in DeMar. Only a year ago fans including yours truly thought the team should tank. Now they are giving us an exciting, young dynamic team that is playoff bound and building into a contender.

      If only the leafs could speed up their rebuild a couple of years.

  • jasken

    Fans really should be happy they are playing as a team but miserable about the loss no offence sounds like something out of harry potter. Anyways I reserve judgement not hopping on board just yet as I seen these players revert back to their old habits to many times.

    There are positive signs 5 man back and moving through zones in unity. Then you got the puck watching still surfacing its ugly head on occasion but a lot less then before. Cheating on defensive and taking off anticipating pass before players even have the puck seems to have disappeared. Show me it with consistency for 42 games can these players do things properly and produce without cheating on the defensive side.

    • jasken

      I agree, there are positive signs and regression/mistakes are bound to happen, and I’m sure are expected by the coaching staff. How well they can bounce back from those off games will give us a better idea. It’s so early yet.

      I like what Horachuk has done so far–it’s not what I’m used to seeing! On the other hand, Leaf fans have certainly earned the right to be skeptical.

  • jasken

    despite losing, that was one of the leafs most complete games defensively. I thought gardiner looked amazing. he looked like his old self again. even kessel looked better than usual. let’s hope jake gardiner is back! that was his best game of the year. amazing how much better the teams looks away from randy