no bozak in the all star game? i won’t be watching. #mycolumn:


Folks, let me come right out and say it – I’ve never been a big fan of the All-Star Game. Elite athletes getting an additional weekend to show off the talents they were blessed with and don’t have to work hard for is disgusting and disrespectful to fans. It’s on the level of Hollywood Awards Shows. Let’s keep feeding the egos of the big-headed selfish overpaid guys. Yeah, good idea. 

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Seriously, the rich get richer while the hardworking blue-collar types – you know, the kind that make the teams run properly, the Glue guys – stay at home, pump iron, and practice faceoffs. They’re focused on their teams winning games down the stretch. Meanwhile at the All Star Game, guys are shooting pucks at targets and skating fast FOR FUN. That’s what you’re supposed to do day in and day out. It’s not supposed to be made into a show. It’s your job. 

At least this year’s All Star Game is in a blue collar town like Columbus – maybe guys like Phil Kessel will learn a thing or two while eating their complementary food. As if these guys need free stuff. Gimme a break.  

A mockery of a beautiful game.

Despite all that, I usually tune in because what else am I going to do on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night? Gotta get NHL those TV ratings so they can finally expand to Las Vegas. But this year, the NHL won’t be getting my impression for their advertisors. Why? The omissions. So many this year. But none bigger than Bozak. 

How do you not invite the first line centre on the biggest team in the league? A guy that is on pace for over 60 points while being a strong two-way player and a special teams guru? Learn how to market your players, NHL. Meanwhile, famous sidecar Phil Kessel gets invited? He’s a winger – they’re called wingers because they essentially latch onto the sides of the centre and coast along. Actually it kinda makes sense that Phil is invited – no coaching really happens at the All Star Game so he will be fine. 
It’s all okay though, I heard the league was considering Bozak as the Leaf representative but when they said there wouldn’t be a faceoff competition, he told them to take Phil. Selfless act if you ask me. That’s the kind of act that makes me smile at how big of a steal his contract is. Usually you gotta pay 5.25×7 for that kind of leadership. 
And speaking of faceoffs – what’s going to happen when the puck drops at the All Star Game? These Elite Players will probably stand there looking at each other, not knowing what to do. The only guy that might actually give a faceoff the time it deserves is Zemgus Girgensons because he actually knows how to take them and play defense. I might tune in for him.

The Wrong Guy Got Fired

This is a man that stands for something. This is a man that cares.

In other news, the Leafs fired Randy Carlyle this past week, which I have been calling for for awhile. You might have missed that while being upset about the Bozak omission. I know I did. 

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Anyways we named Pete Horachek interim coach. That’s fine and all, but we all know he won’t be named it long-term at the end of the season. There are lots of candidates out there, but I’d like to throw out a name no one seems to mention: Glenn Healy. 
Look, that may be a surprising name, but his attention to detail on the Leafs’ line changes this past week really impressed me. You might also be thinking – “but he’s a goalie!” Yeah, so is Patrick Roy and he fixed the Avs. Horachekmate.

But why was Carlyle fired? He did the best with that horrible roster he was given. He came in and inherited these guys and got no help from management. Management is where this lies. They need to be held responsible for their actions. Something needs to be done about their horrible mishandling of the cap and the big contracts they have handed out like Molly at an EDM show. And that’s why I think they should have fired Phil Kessel.

You can’t technically “fire” a player, but you can trade him or buy him out. This guy is not a leader. Send him to a place like Nashville or just leave him in Columbus after the All Star Game. He and his new car that he will likely receive can shack up with Sergei Bobrovsky and they can laugh about how much money they conned out of NHL franchises.

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Here’s a joke – what did the rich Russian say to the rich American? Nothing because they were both Putin massive steaks into their mouth at OutBarack Steakhouse. Thanks I’m here all week.

This incredible mis-addressing of the issue in Toronto just goes to show that Blue and White Disease (pretty clever if you ask me, I came up with it by myself) runs deep. There are fatter bigger problems here, and they start with Phil Kessel.

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