The above video was made in the year 2010, and yet it feels like nothing has changed. Except for the fact the Leafs started 1-2-1. Hell, if we want to be technical, the Leafs are still paying the player who makes a last-second cameo. 

Needless to say, the Peter Horachek era hasn’t started off the way that many had hoped. In fact, on the score sheet, it’s been a disaster – the Leafs were just shut out for the third time in four games tonight.

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The Rundown

Toronto was flying high to start the first period, outshooting a very strong Blues roster 15-6 in the first fifteen minutes. But then, Kevin Shattenkirk decided not only to pinch, but to blow by Tyler Bozak and beat Jonathan Bernier to open the scoring late in the first period. 

The tides turned from there, becoming all St. Louis all the time. While the Leafs maintained the score in the second period, early into the third, Alex Steen deked past Cody Franson and Dion Phaneuf, dangled Bernier and shelved an easy backhand. As if this didn’t cause enough suffering, Shattenkirk gave Leafs fans half a heart attack as he leveled Phil Kessel in the process.

With five minutes to go in the third period, TJ Oshie sealed the deal, scoring his twelfth of the season to guarantee the game. Not like it mattered at this point.

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Blue Warrior

I’m sure everybody’s sick of “well this guy didn’t produce, but his possession numbers were good” after this string of shutouts against, so I’m just going to give this one to Don Cherry. I’m assuming that the reason the Leafs lost was because he needed all the goal lights for his stupid suit:




Will the Leafs ever score again? Tune in Monday when they take on the Carolina Hurricanes.

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  • TGT23

    Well, everyone wanted to ‘see what we’ve got’ after Randytime. Well, we’ve seen it. Now what? I guess the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up in the window and lets see what we get. More of the same old same old…….

  • Jeremy Ian

    I was walking along the road to Damascus minding my own business when I saw the light. Yes Yes Yes to quote a W.W.E. wrestler I get it. Statistics are the answer. Why I’m eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack. Corsi, Fenwick, Airwick spray up your yin yang.

    Okay boys and girls you want stats. My oh my what a spectacular goal by Alex Steen of the ST. Louis Blues. Now where did he come from. Well once upon a time the Toronto Maple leafs drafted an all-star of the junior world championships in 2001. He was the 17th pick Carlo Colaiacovo is his name. The next year the leafs had the 24th pick and they drafted a young kid whose dad had been a star in the N.H.L. Yep the son of Thomas Steen, namely Alex Steen.

    The leafs several years later got the bright idea of trading two former first rounders for a guy who was the 148th pick, in the 2001 draft, Lee Stempniak.

    While Lee didn’t last too long as he got traded just before Burkie rode into town on his charging bull. He was traded to Phoenix for Matt Jones and a 4th and 7th pick. Stempniak proceeded to go on a tear and was named the N.H.L. player of the month.

    You really wonder why the leafs are a joke every year. You go from 2 first round picks to some guy named Jones and 4th and 7th pick.

    I got lots more stats. How about the leafs drafting over the past decade.

    Well one season they used their first pick of the draft to get Justin Pogge, unfortunately the leafs didn’t have a pick till the 90th player. Another year John Mitchell was the first pick he was chosen 74th. Then there was the year that Brad Ross became the first pick for the leafs he was number 40 and poor Brad ain’t playing these days as he has been suspended using a drug supplement.

    Six out of the past 10 years the leafs have not had a second round pick. They don’t have a second round pick for June and this will be the third year in row. But we do have despite the hiring of Mark Hunter, is the same old boys net work of loser scouts led by Dave Morrison who have been the architects of this miserable and pathetic drafting.

    No further questions your honour.

  • CMpuck

    Apparently you have to go back some 60 years to see a leaf team shut out three out of four games. I eagerly look forward to all those apostles of leaf knowledge telling us how this new coach and system is such a wonderful improvement for the organization.

    I suppose the only plus is that this boring, unwatchable, pathetic hockey that the leafs are playing will help them get a higher draft pick.

    I’m amazed that there are actually some leaf fans cluing in that the only way you can build a team these days is through the draft. Don’t give me the Edmonton example as they have bigger idiots in management than we do. Just think Penguins, Hawks, Red Wings.

    Solid ownership, solid management and obviously very, very solid scouting.

    • CMpuck

      When Edmonton has Eichel, RNH, Draistail done the middle, Hall on the wing and Nurse on the blueline they’ll be laughing and it’s about then when I expect the Leafs to wake up and tank. In the meantime we’ll suffer through another ‘retool’, because those always work out so well.

    • TGT23

      So, from your numerous rants, am I to assume you’re a fan of the up and down defensiveless “entertaining” 5-3 losses? That you’d rather the team play an “exciting” losing style of play rather than at least try to develop a style that consistently wins games?

      Are you the type of “fan” who values losing consistently 5-3 more than building a system that other teams succeed in because we’re now losing 1-0 and 2-0 games?

      Do you not believe there is a correlation between dominant possession teams and the fact that they tend to make the playoffs and win cups? Do stats and facts such as those become irrelevant because of 6 games of a bad team being bad?

      • CMpuck

        The point is the Leafs don’t have a roster that is suited for a good possession game, not helping their case to trade anyone when their numbers get killed by playing ‘sound’ hockey. Need to draft players that can fit the role.

        • TGT23

          That’s true. But, by implementing the system first you can have a look at what vets buy in and which go their own way. Also, you can start teaching the kids how to play this style and get the flaws left from the other style out of their game.

          Then, by deadline time, you’ll know who can play the new style and who can’t, as well as which kids can play the new style and who can’t, and react accordingly.

          Their numbers going up or down won’t hurt their value so much. And the team doesn’t have too many players whose value is high enough to worry about hurting.

          Implement the style, then build the roster around it.

        • Jeremy Ian

          Normally, I tend to disagree with you, but on this I do agree. It’s going to take more time, effort, and changes to the roster to restructure the team. I still think the strategy of playing for McDavid is hot air. But there’s a lot more work to be done that ridding us of RC. Shanahan, to his credit, basically acknowledged that in the press conference.

          I watched the first period and the start of the second, then we all voted to watch a movie instead. “Boyhood,” actually. It was terrific. I think we may have to fasten on other things in life while this team gets sorted out.

          • Jeremy Ian

            Jeremy intelligent leaf fans have been fastening on other things in life for 48 years.

            A lot of us enjoy movies especially historical movies, you know the ones you where people learn from history. Sadly all the leaf movies are horror movies with this years version being the scariest one yet.

          • Jeremy Ian

            Because it’s not a plan. It’s a pipe dream. With the games remaining, you’d have to lose an outrageous number to hit the basement and outdo Buffalo Edm, Carolina… Won’t happen. And the price you’d have to pay to get there, unloading our worthwhile pieces, sorry, can’t go into la-la land with you.

  • CMpuck

    Tough lost to take ,
    but I still was seeing some good things

    The Leafs just have to come up with new ways to score
    from the new system.

    I think when Lupil Komorov & Holand get back
    this will get the Leafs over the top
    just enough for them to fall short of a wild card birth -phuck!

    Thank Leaf nation for the fish
    excuse me ……I mean the stickers
    pic to come……

    too bad I can’t post a pic up on the commentary…

  • Jeremy Ian

    Leave Cherry’s suit alone. hes handsome cant do no wrong thats why so many love him and coachs corner. as for the Leafs keep the FAITH leafsnation hold on. thats all you can do. things will turn around.